Hi Tim!

I am so excited you are trying to find young men wanting to keep Yogi alive. At 72 and a disciple of the Count since 1981 or so, I am a true believer. Every time I try to change away from Yogi, my game goes in the toilet. One of my greatest days was when the Count came to Los Coyotes CC to do his show.  I do not remember exactly the year, but had to be in the early 80's. With old clubs he consistently hit fades and draws on call shots 280 to 300...WITH PERSIMMON.


Sam Snead told Dale Andreason (local teaching pro and long time friend of mine and Sam) and me in 1980 that Yogi was the greatest ball striker of all time and out drove him by 50 yards in their prime.  JH from Australia is a big fan and says he and Moe were the best, but even he said Moe told him no one was as good as Yogi.


I had left hip replaced a few years ago, but I was scratch for years after going YOGI and was a 3 at the time my hip was replaced. Thought I needed to change because of left hip, but after several years of very bad failure with my irons, I have gone back to all Count Yogi’s way and am dropping down again to single digit.  I only wish I were 15 now.  I would be your first prospect.  I am a true believer.  His visualization before a shot and no practice swing are all a part of me.  AND, I always hit up and finish tall and balanced against my new left hip.  AMAZING!!!


I am again working on the "See, feel, trust" that Yogi was the best at.  God bless you and please keep me posted on the people and their names you get so I can follow their success. Hope you find someone who is as dynamic and flamboyant as Yogi.  Most all on tour are boring and especially the girls.  At least Bryson deChambeau is a character.  He shows some emotion.  Too bad he is not a disciple of Yogi.  He would be perfect!  God bless you.


William Milne

Hello Tim,

Great updates in your latest newsletter that was very well written.  Good to hear from you.  I got a lesson from you near Thousand Oaks a few years back when my daughter lived in Pasadena.  Still remember that great 2 hours!  One of the best and most fascinating golf lessons of my life!


Jeff Edmundson

Hermiston Oregon

From: Reed Hughes, PGA Professional, Instructor and “Champions Tour” player

To: Timothy Nicholls

Subject: Count Yogi


Dear Tim,

I am a PGA pro at Back Acres CC in Mississippi and would like to tell you I had the chance to meet him and witness one of his shows in Newport Beach California. He was one of the most real persons I have ever met. I have his book; he signed for me in Ca. that night. I tried to help him pack up his show that night and he said he had a certain place for every club. After he packed up, he got out his jump rope and started jumping. Just like his show he talked all the while he jumped. What an amazing man. His God given talent was well before his time.


Every golfer in the 21st century would truly be better off with his philosophy of golf. I have used much of what I learned that night to influence many of my students who have gone on and played on the PGA and LPGA tours, and I myself played on the Champions Tour this past year at 54. One night I called him a few years after I met him and before I told him who I was he had remembered my voice and said," Hey Reed how have you been doing?" What a great man and the ruling bodies of the PGA should rectify his legacy as such. I am a Lifetime member of the PGA of America and know what he taught was God given and the truth as well as he knew it and allot less complicated to teach. Golf would be better today if the PGA had not been so jealous.


Yours truly,

Reed Hughes

From: Andrew Bell, PGA Assistant Pro and working towards his Q Card.

To: Timothy Nicholls

Subject: Learning Yogi’s Method


Hi Tim,

I have been studying and practicing the swing since I got the information and the “Platform To Perfection” kit about a month ago and I love it! I am so much more consistent then before and I was already a scratch golfer. I really want to have a personal mentoring lesson with you and learn from the Master.


Andrew Bell

From: J.T.

Subject: Count Yogi Lessons Follow-Up


Dear Mr. Nicholls

Unlike most golf people with their silly 'systems,' the Count Yogi (Harry Frankenberg) method teaches the swing, short game, and putting in their totality, INCLUDING the proper approach. I am no longer being robbed and pilfered by quack 'instructors,' who persist at offering their material. Thanks to you I am no longer gullible and satisfied with the stupid, illogical, painful and worst of all INEFFECTIVE 'instruction’ out there anymore.


Thanks to your instruction I now have a reliable and repeatable swing and can play and hit short shots and putts as well as any pro!!!


Thanks again ever so much,



International Trader and Fund Manager

Mr. Harry White, one of the leading founders and operators of the Canadian, Optimist Junior Linkster Tour program and the Junior America’s Cup annual event. He was personally taught by Moe Norman and played many years of competitive golf.


From: Harry White, Canadian Junior Golf Tour

To: Tim Nicholls, Count Yogi Golf


Hello Tim,

A day does not go past that I do not think of, read or watch some part of Count Yogi’s magic. The “Controversy” and information on “Force” vs “Power” revealed on your website is spot on and I would very much like to learn more – and expand my brain! The appeal for support and the Trust to continue the Yogi Method of Teaching is genuine and I subscribe 100%!!!

From: Mr. Clay Smith, Student

To: Timothy Nicholls

Subject: Great and Fun Golfing!!!


Tim ‘Yogi’,

Thanks for changing my life! The relaxation that I have found with the program not only reduces my stress level, I can concentrate much better on the course. I just re-apply the "Zen-like focus" that I have with my Yogi Style swing to other situations as well and it has made me a much more productive person. Thanks. I'll be indebted to you always.


Warmest Regards,


Clay Smith

From: Eric Rodts, Student

To: Timothy Nicholls

Subject: The Count Yogi Health & Golf Method


Greetings Sir,

There is an issue, which brought me to you in the first place, which is the same issue, which will bring others to you. That issue is the desire for a simple method of swinging the golf club such that they can play the game in at a non-embarrassing level, and without decades of practice. After spending only a few hours with you on the range, I was able to ‘INSTANTLY’ grasp this powerful, effective, comprehensive, yet simple way of playing truly fun golf!


The more I work with this, the more convinced I am that Count Yogi was 100% right. The PGA – sanctioned swing that most all of today’s pros are teaching is a left-hand dominant swing, which while learnable, is not the quickest path for a right-handed person. That’s especially true of older golfers who’ve spent decades building their hand dominance. Further, other Golf Schools instruction focuses on duplicating various ‘positions’, which are actually by-products of the swing and not ends in themselves.


I’ve only been to the course once due to work demands, and I shot a 86. The long game was good, my putting was good, but I lost at minimum 10 strokes due to bad pitching. This started a short several days where old habits came back, my mind got confused, and I lost my swing entirely. However, I got out the ‘Platform’ mat and went back to scratch on Yogi Style, and Shazam! The problem was gone. Once you ‘get it’, it’s really simple and how much can be said about it? Thanks again for taking time with me while in California. It helped me immeasurably.


Hit’em straight,




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