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Are All Technological Advancements In Golf Good For You?


Here is one of many historical examples on how over analytical theory and study of golf, even if ‘scientific’, has nothing to do with being a good player, or even a champion at golf.


In 1896, Thomas Edison invented his new and improved Vitascope projector, the first commercially successful projector in the U.S.  A decade later in 1905 Cooper Hewitt invented mercury lamps which made it practical to shoot films indoors without sunlight.  These were two of the most incredible scientific discoveries of their day.  They began to be used in everything from the first animated cartoon to the study and observations in science and sports.  In 1915 the Bell and Howell 2709 movie camera was invented and it allowed directors to make close-ups without physically moving the camera.  Though these devices are considered crude in comparison to today’s computers and video data machines, they were the “tracking” devices of their day.


After Francis DeSales Ouimet won the U.S. Open in 1913 (the movie, “Greatest Game Ever Played”), someone got the idea to film his swing in both motion and stop action sequences to breakdown and study the swing with the idea of using it for the improvement in golf instruction.  The still motion picture sequences were featured in a popular sports magazine of that era and the motion pictures were viewed by selected audiences.  The results proved to be a disaster.  Many good players ruined their games, and some never got them back.  Sound familiar for some today?


The reason why was realized later after the publishing of Napoleon Hill’s writings that were based on interviews with Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and many other brilliant men of that day.  One of the many things that were discovered was how the brain functions and receives and transmits thought during the learning process and development of new neuro-pathways.  Viewing and analyzing filmed physical movements with left-brain number decimal readings is “NOT” the optimum process of correct neuro-programming of retaining and storing new information as a new habit.  Neither is body feel-feedback through constant visual viewing and over-analytical examination. These processes keep a student in a perpetual state of conscious-competent learning and never allowing one to finally graduate to the ultimate state of Un-conscious-competence.  And, what they are learning might not be all that great to begin with.  Only Count Yogi discovered and un-locked the mystery, and truly mastered the most simple and affective of all technique’s for golf!!!  This is what we teach at the Count Yogi ® Golf School.


Here is an excerpt from the greatest book on golf ever written taken from the Apple/iTunes eBook version of Harry M. Frankenberg’s (aka Count Yogi) first historical instruction book on golf from the 1920’s through the 1940’s; “Revolutionary Golf Made Easy” Chapter 6: Sec. 2, Page 102:  “In different locations in Kindle and Nook version”



---Photographic Eyes See Wrong---



“Moving pictures of the golf swing most certainly mislead one's mind: The moves that you see in the movies are subconscious body actions and everybody's different.”  “The backswing is only one mental move, and the follow-through is only one mental move: This is true of any and every golf shot: Body actions are physically natural actions.”  “Correct practice of mental routine habits is your only chance for continual improvement: Score never denotes the exact kind of game you played: But mentally you’ll know.”  “Pictures reveal pros play one way and write and teach another way.”



See also in Apple eBook version “Revolutionary Golf Made Easy”



Chapter 5: Section 3, pages 90 and 91:



Note: In different locations in Kindle and Nook version



Jeanette Melfi, Blind Golf Exhibitionist


Jeanette Melfi, blind golfer taught by Frankenberg (Count Yogi)


Jeanette Melfi




My theories are so simple and my methods so concrete in every detail that I knew even a blind person could master them.   And I proved it.


THE STEPS:                                                  Breaks 100 First Time


1. I mastered all shots myself, blindfolded.


2. I attended a blind people’s meeting in the Randolph Building, and observing Miss Melfi and her twin sister, I immediately decided that Miss Melfi was the person I needed for my experiment.


(I happen to be an uncle to twins.)


3. After revealing my plan, my methods, and my confidence to the blind girl, Miss Melfi graciously consented to assist me.


4. It was an extremely difficult task. During the first few lessons I labored under the impression that what I had taken upon myself was perhaps impossible.  However, after each lesson, I wrote a synopsis of every action and studied the problems involved.  I just wouldn’t give up.


5. It wasn’t my mental theory of teaching that perturbed me.  I was doing my utmost to convey to Miss Melfi a conception of playing golf, whereas she, not knowing what she was really doing or trying to do, did not understand.


6. I spent many hours between her appointments in continued study of these problems.  After a while I recognized some progress.


7. Thereafter, she steadily improved.  Today, the professionals, leading amateurs and executives who witness her successful exhibitions, are amazed.  Usually their only comment is, “How did you do it?!”  She shot a 96 her first round!!!


The photos were posted in the newspaper:” The Chicago Daily Times” (See newspaper article by Sports Editor: Gene Kessler in Apple eBook version Chapter 4, Section 1, and Page 77).


“In different locations in Kindle and Nook version”


She shoots a score of 96 her first round blind?  We all know people that have played a year or more and have not broken a 100 yet.  The point made here is that this young blind woman, who had never played golf before, was ‘NOT’ taught or able to go back and forth viewing a video screen and device that merges data to analyze the readings and calculations of decimals, angles, and degrees of her bodies positions and movements so as to learn a golf swing.  Nor was she able to see with her physical eyes her clubface track or its position at impact.  So she would have never been able to follow any of the countless and endless theories of today.  With Yogi’s method and tenure she learned a simple and repeatable, physical and mental concept for an entire game!!


So it only stands to reason that what is promoted today as the best and only way to learn and play golf is certainly not true.  There is another way, our way, where you learn how to physically move healthy and dynamically to accommodate correctly, the most powerful and efficient transformer and receiver learning mechanism on earth;” Your own brain”!!!


This perfected and streamlined method that Count Yogi proved so many years ago is what we teach at the Count Yogi ® Golf School & Clinic’s.


Have a wonderful golfing day!!!



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