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Hello fellow lovers of the game,


I have been noticing year by year that other golf instruction methods are gradually moving and evolving towards the Count Yogi way. But they are stagnated now because they are riddled with inaccurate theory and inherent complications.  Only the Count Yogi way possesses the 'Golden Key" that unlocks the powerful knowledge of life-lasting consistent golf.


Here is a link to a 1952 newspaper archive about Count Yogi shortly after being discriminated and banned from the PGA.  His claim in the article is not so far fetched when you consider that he taught Ben Hogan and was responsible for Hogan having a winning career.  Also he had already played and beaten both Hogan and Snead in non-sanctioned and non-purse competitions.


The true story of Ben Hogan's real secret to success is finally revealed in the historic golf book called: "Golf's Forgotten Legends & Unforgettable Controversies" ©, Chapter 13, available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In fact history proves that after Hogan left Yogi's tender in the early spring of 1940 he won his first professional tournament, the "North/South Open" at Pinehurst. It is also very sad to hear as of late that some professionals are actually suggesting that Hogan's way of playing golf is now obsolete. If they themselves could only come even close to his career accomplishments to even consider that statement. But I guess some have to say and do whatever they can to sell their wares. Hogan was not a pure Yogi but he was very close and with being armed with that knowledge it paid great dividends for him for many years. There were a few things, subtle but powerful things the Master could not get him to believe and accept. Yogi once said on the "Teach-ability Index" on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, Hogan was a 10 in the column of a "willingness to learn" but a 7 on the "willingness to change".


There is a recent article that has just come out about; "Is Building Muscle in the Gym Bad for Golfers?"


This is what Yogi was saying and telling everybody in golf and some other sports over 70 years ago!!! Should we not all possibly listen to and benefit from our Master's genius and his intelligent findings and knowledge way before his time?


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