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An Open Fan Letter to Tiger Woods 2015

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I'm a native Vancouver, B.C. boy, long-time junior golf enthusiast and Tiger (Fan/Follower/Tracker-you pick) since meeting you at the 1991 Junior America's Cup at Carleton Oaks GC in San Diego.  You kindly autographed the JAC program which to this day, rests in our BC Golf House archives.


Your domination of golf has excited the world for at least a generation and it will be a sad day when you finally leave the competitive stage.


It will be a sadder day, however, if the current, seemingly unending string of coaches, who continue to fail in their attempts to assist your needs and compound injury upon injury, are allowed to continue any longer.


As you know, at least five prime years of your Masterful golf, Major victories and Inspirational golf have been lost.  It has been unbelievably aggravating.  For Tiger fans truer and bluer than I, it must be a nightmare.  You are not a "happy golfer" and your coaches, past and present, have led you to endure your litany of injuries.  Endless commentaries have been aired on the Golf Channel and elsewhere, discussions on every sports show, yet no plausible solution even seems to be in sight.


In my mind, it is only a matter of time before you may be physically unable to play golf, let alone dominate the competition.  Tiger Woods is a golf "Icon" whom the world wants to see win "Majors."  Depriving them, even more than the rest of us, is a selfish, non-logical, unacceptable tragedy!


Therefore, I am asking if YOU would do the one sensible thing that will put an end to this quagmire of flawed science and biomechanics.  Discover an old but hidden, "Treasure Map" that will lead you back to healthy, happy, winning golf.  Be BOLD, pick up the telephone, call Timothy Nicholls of Count Yogi ® Golf (805-208-3242), and say:  "I WANT TO TRULY OWN MY GAME" and employ its free flowing and unrestricted, Mind and Body, Method of playing."


Clear the obstacles to this by firing your coaches.  Easily learn to perform a 100% different way to move where you become a "Golfing Artist", regain your health, and enjoy seeing the records fall before you.  A happy golfing world, growing the game again, will surely follow.


You have a "Major" "Mission" to accomplish and Count Yogi ® Golf has the "Map."  NOW, it's up to YOU - "JUST DO IT!"  You have nothing to lose but the world to gain.


You may say I'm a dreamer Tiger, but I can assure you, I'm not the only one.







P.S.  For all the "know it all" experts, skeptics, scientists and biomechanics, see the "scientific study letters" to Timothy Nicholls; which explains in amazing scientific detail why this incredible “Health & Golfing Art Form” is so superior for injury free, low scoring golf, for all ages than anything else available on the planet today and forever!!!


Harry White, a Count Yogi ® Golf apprentice has over 40 years of developing and promoting junior golf behind him.  He currently operates over sixty Optimist junior golf tournaments in B.C., featuring all ages, 5 to 18.



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