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The Count Yogi® Health & Golf

Winter 2015 Golf Camp


Sterling Hills Golf Club

Camarillo, California


Count Yogi ® Golf’s, 3-day or 1-day golf camp


Featuring: Timothy Nicholls, Count Yogi’s apprentice and heir, and “Master Level” instructor, Harry White, “Apprentice Instructor”.


Experience the miracle and magic of the cosmic Count Yogi ® Health & Golf Method © for yourself.  Where other so called methods and systems leave off, the Count Yogi ® Health & Golf Method © takes off!!!


For the first time since 1961, this fun, healthy, injury-free golfing method is now once again available in the form of a “Count Yogi ® Golf Training Camp” in the warm and friendly climbs of beautiful Camarillo, California.  This time- tested and proven art form will not only liberate you from commonly taught “frustration prone golf” but will also self-empower you to permanently keep your scores lower than ever before.


Past historical students include many nations’ top leaders, company presidents and national PGA players and home professionals.


So now it is your opportunity to put an end to golf confusion and inconsistency once and for all as you become free and liberated to enjoy the very healthful Yogi Golf ® Method.  Don’t miss out on this historic event.  Tell all your family and friends!


Book your reservation Today!!!



Your 3-Day Golf Camp runs Feb 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2015 with a cost of only $1,800.00 per person.  Pay 30 or more days in advance, price is $1,700.00.  An optional 1-Day Camp on Feb 21st, 2015 is $600.00 per person.  Pay 30 or more days in advance, price is $550.00.


Price includes: Day 1 breakfast and Lunch for each day of camp, unlimited range balls, and Green Fees including cart after 2:00pm.  Also available is an optional custom club fitting during your 3-day golf camp at no extra charge.


Your Count Yogi ® Health & Golf Instruction will include all aspects of the golf swing including the ‘touch-it grip’ and proper mental game. Also the best athletic set-up and alignment over the ball at address through a precise and reliable pre-shot routine. Also the fundamentals of the golf game throughout the three-day camp.


DAY 1: 7:30am to 8:45am – Breakfast and introductory session with Questions & Answers. 9:00am to 11:45am – 3 hours of instruction on the range with ‘mental training’, followed by a break for lunch from 12:00pm to 1:00pm, and then followed up with 2 more hours at range from 1:15pm to 3:30pm to complete Day 1 training.


DAY 2: 9:00am to 11:45am – 3 hours of range and short game instruction with ‘mental training’, followed by a break for lunch from 12:00pm to 12:45pm, and then at 1:00pm to 2:00pm an introduction to the Yogi Golf ® style of putting. Finished up with a 9 + hole playing session with training of proper club selection and geological decision making.  DAY 3: Same schedule as Day 2.


Reserve your “spot” today by contacting:


Count Yogi ® Golf Co., LLC


Timothy Nicholls


775-410-7861 or use “Golf Camp” in the subject line.


We look forward to seeing you here!



Suggestions for Accommodations:;_ylt=A86.J77PRpdUpRMAglsPxQt.?p=hotels&addr=Camarillo%2C+CA&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001&fr=yhs-mozilla-001


Average February temperature in Camarillo is 70F or 20C


Local Activities:


Directions from Los Angeles, CA LAX:


Take 405 Freeway North to 101 Freeway NW to Ventura.  From the 101 Freeway, exit Central Avenue.  Head north 1/2 mile, turn right onto Beardsley Rd.  Drive one mile and you'll find the course on the right-hand side.  Turn right to 901 Sterling Hills Drive.


Count Yogi ® Golf – Mental Health


NOTE: It was stated by one of the leading authorities of this Scientific/Medical study that you are about to read, that quoted; “I cannot think of a better and more rapid way to accomplish this health benefit than by using the Count Yogi Mental Golf Art Technique”!


ABC NEWS Transcript #6022 Air Date: January 31, 1996

World News Tonight with

Peter Jennings

EST Edition



PETER JENNINGS: We have put your brain on the American Agenda tonight.  This is a story that may have enormous implications for the way you lead your life.


As people get older, it is quite natural to be anxious about losing one’s mental edge.  We’ve put this on the Agenda tonight because there is dramatic new scientific evidence that it is within your power to keep your brain sharper longer.


Our Agenda reporter is Bill Blakemore.


BILL BLAKEMORE, ABC News:  (voice-over) In this big toy box at the University of Illinois, curious lab animals have been revealing secrets about the brain; secrets that for us humans can greatly improve the quality of our old age.


What scientists have found is that as these animals explore these colorful toys they actually grow new brain.  Even the oldest ones.  Scientist Bill Greno (sp?) studied the brain cells of rats who were given elaborate new structures to explore every day.


BILL GRENO: There were about 20 to 25 percent more connections between brain cells than animals that grew up in stand laboratory cages.


BILL BLAKEMORE: (voice over) Those couch potato rats had brain cells that looked like this.  But the toy box rats had brain cells like this.  They had grown many more branches, billions of them.  And along each new branch, hundreds of these tiny bumps; each bump a synapse, the point at which two brain cells make contact, talk to each other.


BILL GRENO: This is the communication point, right through here.  This is the storm of a thought, in-a sense.  This is the exact point where the never cells come together and communicate.


BILL BLAKEMORE: (voice-over) Even very old animals kept growing lots of these new synapses if they were given exciting surroundings.  They had found similar changes in brains of animals ranging from snails all the way to monkeys and are virtually certain the same brain growth happens in humans, no matter how old they are, as long as they keep challenging themselves.


But what kind of challenge?  Was it the physical exercise of exploring the toys that made the brain grow or the mental work of learning about them?  To find out, Greno built these two courses for his animals to run.  Both give exercise, but only the acrobatic course requires learning to keep from falling.  And only on the acrobatic course did their brains grow new synapses.


BILL GRENO: It’s the learning, specifically, that causes these changes in the brain.  The physical activity doesn’t do it.


BILL BLAKEMORE: (voice over) But they discovered that physical activity does grow something else in the brain.  Animals who only exercised without having to learn anything grew many new blood vessels in the brain.


BILL GRENO: So you’re actually able to see here an increased blood supply to the brain of aging rats.  And I’m sure it’s true of aging people, as well, is that if you exercise, you can actually increase the blood supply to regions of the brain.


BILL BLAKEMORE: (voice over) New blood vessels bring the brain more nutrients.  That helps the brain grow more synapses and helps you think hard longer, give you mental stamina.  The lesson for seniors—


BILL GRENO: You need to exercise your brain in at least two different ways.  First, you have to exercise it with physical activity, motor skill learning.  Secondly, you have to exercise it intellectually.  You have to basically use it to think, learn and remember.


BILL BLAKEMORE: And the two things help each other.  The physical activity by creating more blood vessels in the brain makes it more ready to learn and remember and, thus, grow more synapses.


(voice over)  A growing number of older Americans have been reporting the powerful mental benefits of staying engaged and exercising.


1st SENIOR CITIZEN: I go to three or four classes a week to keep this going too.


2nd SENIOR CITIZEN: It’s good for not just the body, but the brain.


BILL BLAKEMORE: (voice over) Scientists Carl Cochman (sp?) of the University of California, has discovered another reason why physical exercise is even more important for seniors than for younger people—it can help prevent this.  You are watching a brain cell dismantle itself.  Each cell is programmed for this built-in natural brain cell death.  And it’s increasingly likely to happen as we get older.  However, working with lab animals, Cochman discovered that physical exercise helps prevent it by flooding the brain with special growth molecules, billions of them.


CARL COCHMAN: Just a few days of running increases growth molecules in the structures that are involved in learning and memory.  It helps the brain cells stay healthy, work better and essentially live longer.


BILL BLAKEMORE: (voice-over) Scientists have found, however, that all three benefits---growth molecules, blood vessels and synapses---shrink away if you stop challenging your mind and getting exercise.  They also point out that you cannot stop the aging process.  But you can improve it.


This is Bill Blakemore for the American Agenda.


PETER JENNINGS: Back in just a moment.


(Commercial break)



The below language and its content is copyright © 2006 protected and exclusive and proprietary to the Count Yogi® Golf & Health Method™ and Count Yogi® Golf Co. LLC.


The Count Yogi® Golf swing is a two-move, somewhat single plane swing with dual “Elliptical” arc patterns.  In photos, the smaller; the take-away back swing, and the larger; the return swing follow-through.


The way our swing is mentally done promotes physical and mental well-being.  The body while performing the back-swing and follow-through, increases total muscle usage, relaxation and overall blood flow.  Our finish form done correctly increases balance and equilibrium along with strengthening and improving poster.  And last but not least, our mental thought commands retard, if not nearly stop the dying off of brain cells, greatly assisting in slowing down the aging process.  This has all been scientifically proven.  I hope this satisfactorily answers any concerns of interest or questions.


Kindest regards,


Tim (yogi) Nicholls


Count Yogi®Golf Co. LLC


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Count Yogi ® Golf Co., LLC


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