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Feature Article By: Timothy ‘Yogi’ Nicholls


Dear fellow Yogi Golfers,


Some of you have either seen or heard over the years that the Count and his long list of pupils, a few of them being famous tournament stars of yesteryear who kept the information to themselves, are the most imitated golfers in history for their particular movements and Yogi Finish forms.  Though it has been over 25 years now it seems like only yesterday when the rest of the world, including the top touring pros were not finishing tall and up-right on the tip of right toe like they all do today but rather with their lower backs over arched like the once used but no longer inverted ‘C’ PGA Logo, shoulders tilted and club shaft and head slanted down instead of tall, straight spine, shoulders level and graceful on tip of right toe with the shaft and club head around the neck and parallel to the ground like Yogi golfers for the past 100 years or so.  Now today you can go to any golf course or driving range all over world and see golfers using our finish ‘Kata’ form even though they don’t even know where it originated from.


Its popularity spread due to years of Count Yogi and his protégé’s efforts of making available and distributing films, books, photos and countless feature articles of the finish form along with others witnessing Yogi golfers on golf courses and driving ranges.  I assume it caught on like wild fire due to a few reasons.  One of the reasons most likely was because of its graceful look, style and elegance.  Who doesn’t want to look pretty?  Another reason why I believe is that some of Golf’s top, intelligent and open minded teachers saw one of the many benefits of it which is; it trains the brain to finish the whole body through the shot which allows one a better chance of supernating the clubface to square at and through the point of impact.  But there are so many more benefits of it but only through knowing and using the Yogi golfing method and art form in its purity and entirety.


Though it is good to see that many individuals over the years have surely benefited by using small bits and pieces and subtle copying of various aspects of our movement and finish forms, it would have been nice that those who have benefited would have given some credit where it is surely due.  Oh well, that's human nature I guess.  Some folks think they are so clever that they can figure anything and everything out on their own.  The true fact of the matter is that nearly a hundred years have passed on now and no one yet to this day has completely figured it out.  It is most likely due to their minds way of thinking and perceiving left-brain swing mechanics and concepts.  Remember, it was “Creator Given” to Yogi so it must be passed on from master to apprentice.  But now time is ticking on.  Preserving this incredible art form and keeping it from dying out and becoming lost for good is my main goal while I am still above ground.  We strongly feel that it is due time for all that have used and benefited by merely its bits and pieces of the method put their egos aside and join me in this endeavor, and start really getting it in its pure and untainted entirety.


It is truly a pity that many pros and amateurs believe that simple and fun cannot be associated with low scoring, winning golf.  If they only knew that they are both attainable through new knowledge and a different state of mind.  Imagine finally a world of golfers truly “PLAYING” golf instead of knocking their brains out at it and working constantly to maintain some sort of consistency, and hopefully, pleasure and enjoyment in their game.  Imagine a world of people touring pros and amateurs alike having longer, mentally healthier, injury, frustration free, and most important of all; faster playing – low scoring golf!  These pleasures and countless benefits are absolutely amazing and can truly be realized through Count Yogi ® Golf!!!


It is completely different and better in so many ways than traditional and modern orthodox golf.  It is physically, athletically and mentally more intelligent, fun, frustration and injury free.  Most important of all you can play physically and mentally younger -- longer!!!  Others may attempt to make these claims but if you closely examine and look at their past track records, their instruction was shown to be everything but fun, frustration and injury free.  So much so that some of their training relationships were terminated.  Not with the Count Yogi ® Golfing Method & Art Form ©.  Here is an analogy of comparison; the present way golf is taught – Rump Roast, Yogi Golf ® – Filet Mignon.  There is no comparison.


Another issue I would like to address is that it has been brought to my attention that in recent television and magazine interviews the host question has been asked of the guest: “Do you believe or inspire to methods or art forms?”   One answer was: No, I don’t believe in methods or art forms.  I believe in just taking what ever natural swing the individual has and work on enhancing it.”  My response to that comment is this; just because someone does not believe or inspire to methods and art forms does not mean they don’t exist.  Otherwise should we now eliminate Writing, Acting, Painting, Sculpturing, Yoga, Ballet, Martial Arts, Yogi Golf ®, Architecture and countless others?  I think not.


QUESTION: Does a master at something or an individual who is at the highest level and degree of lets say martial arts need instruction from others?  Did Michael Angelo or Leonardo De Vince once they had reached the pinnacle of their knowledge and careers need constant tutoring and instruction?  Of course not because HE OR SHE KNOWS HOW!!!


To this day I have never met anyone who has learned the Count Yogi ® Golfing Method and Art Form © to a certain degree who no longer change and experimented with, or was still gullible about their golf game.  Once a Yogi golfer, always a Yogi golfer!  This is because as you learn and advance your studies of the art you become more and more free and liberated to the point where you are and become your own swing, short game, putting, physical training and mental coach all in one.  Now I know this comment is going to offend and upset a few out there who feel their services are a must but my intentions are not to offend, but to tell and share what I know to be the absolute truth that I feel must finally be told.  Making money is great but what your are selling should be honest, true and beneficial for all?  Keep in mind that particular data and information can be perceived to be fact only if it is not challenged by another completely different and apposing data and information, then and only then, can accurate and truthful comparisons be made.


Here below are some quotes by the great and legendary architect Frank Lloyd Write that can be applied to the Count Yogi ® Golfing Method & Art Form ©:


“Early in my life I had to choose between honest arrogance or hypocritical humility.  I chose the former and have seen no reason to change.”

“The truth is more important than the facts.”

Traditional orthodox golf instruction takes perfectly good plums as students, and turns them into prunes.”

“Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.”

And last but not least: “’Think simple’ as my old master used to say – meaning reduce the whole of its parts into the simplest terms, getting back to first principles.


I hope to soon author a new and first of its kind ‘Tell – All’ book covering the true history and evolution of the Golf Swing and the Yogi method and other ways of playing, and how it will give this last statement its true, full and informative meaning.  The book will be based and drawn from Count Yogi’s well kept diaries and other personal accounts along with historical artifacts.  It will be truly enlightening.


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