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Most great golfers and instructors, like Harvey Penick and his “Little Red Book”, look at the target, see the ideal flight of the ball and execute their motion accordingly. You “picture” the shot and “let” your brain take care of the details or mechanisms involved (the subconscious acts perfectly). The Count Yogi®Health & Golf Method©, employed correctly, out of habit, does not allow failure. “Imprint” the basics through repetition, then “let” the unique and special physical moves follow the “infallible mental routine©”. You are on yourway to “owning” your own motion because you employ an “optimum method”! If you want to be a “happy and accomplished golfer”, you need to know your own personal experience of happiness and make a choice as a human being to be happy when you are playing golf.





You have decided to move into competitive golf. You still play some recreational golf but it almost always has a competitive edge, be it between two golf balls that you are playing or other golfers. Virtually all your golf has a competitive element to it. You develop an “alert attitude of indifference.” The core elements for the next two categories of golfers assume that the basic mechanical elements of the full swing, putting, short shots, sand and specialty shots have been learned, habituated and owned by you the golfer. Master the Simple Set System©! Vital to those components are:


Centeredness of hit. The ball is struck in the centre of the clubface. This assumes that all of the golfer's clubs fit the golfers' motion without deviation and mental control of them.

Club head path is on plane to yield zero deviation in path and face angle (under and up)

The Golfer has a precise and accurate aim and alignment procedure (6-8-second routine)

The Golfer has an accurate visual system with or without spectacles/contact lenses, etc. (This includes alignment and depth perception). (“Platform to Perfection® ©”, “Golfer's Footprint”)

Count Yogi’s system delivers superior distance & accuracy, for all shots. Once the above “elements” are satisfied, the competitive golfer will assimilate the following:


Core Attitudes and Behaviors:


You are never “getting ready”. You are ready. You do not do practice. You play every shot “as though” it were to win the event. You follow your simple set system unfailingly.

You walk, talk and act as a champion at all times, and everywhere you are.

You are finished with “mechanics” because your Yogi mechanics are simple, powerful and superior. You only need now to employ your Count Yogi® “infallible mental routine”©.

You play only “ball to target” and make every swing the same. You are a “mentalist”!

Your practice is “between your ears”, imagining desired outcomes, before, during, after.

You “own your motion”, and are impervious to mechanical advice or distractions.

You study the world's greatest golfer, appreciate and admire his God-given blessings; you are a Count Yogi Golfer, a mentalist and detailist, enjoying your success!

You “celebrate” desired outcomes “with grace” and view others dispassionately, once only.

You put your time into putting, short shots and sand shots, always striving to “improve the moves”. You know what you are doing and play“consciously competent golf”!

You only associate with champions.

You always dwell upon and amplify confidence and optimism.

You are calm, poised and patient, sensing opportunity at all times.

You assume the grace and elegance of an accomplished performing artist.



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“COUNT YOGI METHOD” – Satisfaction Guaranteed!





You manage and balance your life. You “play” the game for the game's sake. You know that your commitment is to every shot, employing Yogi's unique “system”. You love every golf course, every shot, knowing all the rest will take care of itself – Naturally!

You know how much time is yours and how to allocate it according to right reason.

You know and tend to your “moves”. You are a “spirit with a body”,not a body with a spirit. You are a “child of God”, made in His own Image, seeking perfection!

You have impeccable tastes, are safe, know and play by the Rules.

You bring a “sense of joy” to the golf course with each shot and truly “PLAY” the game. You reciprocate with the energy being offered by the gallery, seen and unseen.

When you are playing golf, you play it fully and completely. Off the golf course, you tend completely to that in which you are engaged, including a time to be “lazy”.

You are a fine specimen of strength, speed and flexibility, exercising optimally.

You have a very clean diet, consuming raw organic foods, fresh juices and consume only optimum nutritional supplements from Usana Health Sciences and Phill's Spices.

You play the game for the pure joy, not for the money or glory. Those things are merely by-products and secondary reward results of your correct efforts. You give back after you have finished your career, not during. And then you share fully your experience as a guide.


What is asked of you is to be “fearless”. Go PLAY! Forget what you think is play and indulge fully into the experience of real playing for the rest of your golfing years. Return to your origins. Just “do”. Do “the MOVES”. Play the ancient and honorable game of golf. Make it look graceful and easy – nothing to it!


Why does this system work? Because it uses the maximum efficiency of the human mind and body, coordinated by the senses, directed by the conscious mind, held in the subconscious mind, and controlled by the will to generate great “force” in the club head along a specific elliptical arc toward a “pre-set” target. You may fluctuate between old and new movement and thinking, perhaps at times taking two steps forward and one step back, this is new nuero-pathway and habit reflex building, but there will be a meaningful and sustained improvement and change for the “better” over time as you move to master Count Yogi's “method” - “100% BRAIN”.





Harry White – Canadian Chapter, CYGA Manager; Bio:


Local, Provincial and International champion with numerous golf course records, 10 Hole-in-one's, UBC Golf Coach emeritus, co-founder of the BC Golf House, Boys Junior America's Cup and Junior Golf Foundation of BC, Junior Linkster Tour Canada, Little Masters Golf Championship.


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“The Champion Mind”


Feature Article By: Timothy ‘Yogi’ Nicholls


Dear fellow Yogi's,


When playing golf whether in the realm of competition or pleasure, is being in a state of mind of 'pressure' or 'trying to hard' a truthful and necessary reality? My answer is definitely no. Was it not Henry Ford and other great men of accomplishment in our past that stated; “One who believes they can, and one that believes they cannot; they are both right.” The reality is if life, liberty and property are not in jeopardy, there is no such thing as pressure. In performing most athletics, the word “pressure” is merely a unwarranted and proliferated mythical word that was instilled into golf many years ago that sets up a useless and paralyzing state of mind where one goes to a place of self-doubt, nervousness and trying extra hard.  All of this type, and way, of thinking in golf is merely a mythical and unnecessary fairy tail. Its affects are far reaching and damaging to anybody’s game and ability to play and score well. Reason; it puts you in a state of over logical, over thinking ‘left-brain’ which is the kiss of death for anyone while or during any athletic physical movement.


A true time for a nervous left-brain state of mind for 'PRESSURE' and trying hard would be when a Grizzly Bear comes into your camp site and your cortical levels naturally shoot up with your adrenalin, and it becomes a situation of "fight or flight". Or you’re in a war, hovered down in a fox-hole with bombs and artillery fire going off around you. These are the times and situations when the state of mind is under such pressure, and being nervous pays off and has dividends; Remember the first golfers? The intelligent ancient Roman officers? Did they invent the game to focus on increasing, pursuing and continuing the stress of the battle field, or to relax and unwind from it? I think the latter.


Another example; imagine these two professions, a Surgeon and a Jeweler/Watch Maker. Here are two example professions that under common and logical thought have every right in the world to be nervous while performing their trade and art. If the Surgeon should make one wrong move or decision during the operation, the patient could die! The Jeweler could absolutely ruin a very expensive watch or piece of jewelry. They both cannot afford to allow, and do not allow any type of nervous doubt or pressure thinking to enter their minds at all. Yet a golfer playing a tee shot, or in the fairway, or over a putt is going to go to that nervous and paralyzing mental place? This is rationally ridiculous when you truly think about it. So let us get control of our spiritual man, and tell the physical man to take a back seat in these situations. We can mentally train ourselves how to improve in all ways, always, and have fun and success!!!


So when ever you are "PLAYING" golf, especially Yogi Golf, this useless and harmful way of thinking (nerves and pressure) is never required or necessary. This is a time when you calmly, but strongly focus, on doing what you know how to do physically and mentally, in an artist/performer state of mind with calm commitment, while enjoying your work at the same time. In this, and only this state of mind when performing any athletic sport or profession is where true 'Champions' are found.


"Be happy, life's wonderful, even at its worst." Count Yogi



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