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Article By: Harry ‘Yogi’ White


GOLF is Happiness -


How About You?


The modern game of golf is just over 150 years old in North America . We have seen amazing improvements in the golf ball, equipment, golf courses, maintenance, etc., so why then has the “average score” remained at 97 for those who have played for a few years???


“It's in the “whip” says an old Scottish pro! Check your computer out and ask for


 “Golf Tips”. The last time I looked, almost 40 million of them showed up!!! How about the golf publications, golf shows, teaching academies, your friends, etc.? There are no superior “conventional mechanics” as the 97 average score for amateur golfers proves. Almost as many golfers quit the game as take it up each year, with the classic observation by the Great Harry M. Frankenberg (a.k.a. Count Yogi), “were it not for golf Tennis would die out!”


Numerous factors can influence this trend, but you can beat the average.


You can pass the “timing barrier” and improve with the 100% mental routine offered by Count Yogi Golf. Fun and Health will flourish when you realize the divine intelligence behind this unique method and time proven art form. Refresh your brain with a stimulating 100% different approach to golf!


Learn how to move yourself and the club on an elliptic arc with grace, power and accuracy without the reliability of age and strength. The Yogi system is a phenomenal method of ‘Holistic’ usage body and mind that creates beautiful consistent movements so that optimism prevails over pessimism. Every swing is the same and as you become more graceful; your golf will become easier and truly more enjoyable. You will improve all ways, always. We stand ready and able to help with a book, platform, DVD and hands on mentoring.


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Count Yogi ® Style Putting


USGA, R&A Rule 14 – 1b


Feature Article By: Timothy ‘Yogi’ Nicholls


 We at Count Yogi ® Golf have been receiving some request and questions lately on whether our style of putting is legal under the new R&A and USGA ruling; 14 -1b, regarding “Anchoring”. Let me do my best to address and answer this concern.


In recent and past decades, some golfers and instructors, without really knowing and understanding the Yogi putting technique, have attempted to copy and use some of its intelligent and athletic principles. The problem with this is if it’s not pure, it’s perverted and not as reliable and affective. This I believe is the primary cause and reason of where the confusions and questions we are receiving are coming from. These poorly copied theories will now be illegal because they teach a perverted Yogi style as to not allow both hands to work together without being fastened and anchored to the forward leg or other places on the body. Meaning, they copied our set-up and then and also use it as the putting action or movement. This is not true Yogi putting, even on short putts. Yes, at times this set-up does stabilize and work very well on short putts from 20 feet and closer, but is inconsistent and un-reliable on any longer putts or on really fast greens because it does not allow the ability to deliver the perfect amount of Yogi Golf ® 'Chi' energy required for artistic perfection and reliable results. Even the present “Long” and “Belly” putters have this limitation whether the people using them know it or not. We at Count Yogi ® Golf completely support the R&A and USGA band but for a slightly different reason; and that is that it’s not the best way to putt like some think, and in the long run can actually physically and mentally work against you and other areas of your game.


Remember what the Count used to say: “If you have enough skill and judgment, you can make wrong look right, to a general, and sometimes gullible public, who will never be able to acquire enough skill to know what truly is wrong or write!!!”


Let us review the facts together.


Definition of 'anchor': fix or fasten; affix firmly. secure; stabilize in one spot.


From The USGA Q&A Section:


Q: What would be the ruling if, in making a stroke, the player happens to brush the club, hand or forearm against his or her body?


A: The proposed Rule prohibits only intentional anchoring of the club, whether directly or indirectly (the forearm and gripping hand(s) or handle end of the club). If the club or a gripping hand or forearm comes in contact with the body during the stroke but the player has not intentionally held it against the body (to fix or fasten; affix firmly; to secure, stabilize in one spot), there would be no breach of the Rule.


I can assure you the Yogi style putting stroke is completely legal and approved. I have read all about it thoroughly and in every detail, and have spoken to authorities personally in detail on this matter. Go to the USGA's and the R&A’s sites and read more for yourself at:


You can anchor one or both forearms to your body if one of the gripping hands or handle end of the club is not fastened or anchored anywhere. This is the definition and meaning of “Directly or Indirectly”. We, Yogi Golfers do not anchor our left hand to the left thigh while our forearms are gently against our bodies during the stroke movement. We only do this during the set-up process for its obvious and legal benefits.


True and pure Yogi putters during the stroke process and actual moving segment, move both the gripping/controlling, and stabilizing hands vertically while both still hinging and moving back and forth (the pull-down, inside, to return-up technique). If one is doing the stroke correctly, it is absolutely legal under the new ruling. Remember, anyone can fasten and stabilize during set-up, just not during the actual swing or stroke movement.


Want to never be off your putting game again??? Learn the Yogi style putting technique precisely and be liberated once and for all from well played rounds with poor scores!!!


P.S. As a side note; I truly appreciate all of the grateful emails and positive comments I receive from all of you out there understanding and doing our method correctly, and on how you are all having more fun and enjoying the game with consistent lower scoring!!!



Kindest regards,




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