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Count Yogi® Health & Golf Art™ Method© Used for Baseball?

A Written Contribution By: P.J.


I met Tim Nichols in the late 1990’s through a friend.  My first impression was that he was a genuinely nice guy.  We became friends and from time to time we would have coffee or lunch together.


During one of these lunch meetings, I met Timothy “Yogi” Nichols.  Timothy “Yogi” Nichols told me he was a golf instructor and had an incredible golfing system.  Tim told me I should go out to the course with him sometime and we would play some shots.


Tim was a little disappointed when I told him I did not want to learn how to play golf.  He asked me why and I told him, “Because I know myself.”  Tim asked me to explain.  I told Tim I did not want to ever go to a golf course and hold a club in my hands on a luscious green fairway on a beautiful sunny day because I know I would love it.


How could anyone not want to enjoy one of the best sports around?  Finally I told Tim that I know I would love golf and therefore, I would have to spend thousands of dollars on golf accouterments because I would want the best equipment and it doesn’t come cheap.  I already had two major hobbies and I wouldn’t have any money or time left over for golfing equipment.  Tim still pressed on but to this day, I have resisted the golf bug.


On another meeting with Tim he told me about one of his success stories.  Tim had a businessman friend who we will call “Joe.”  Joe was a frustrated golfer and his fellow businessmen golfing partners laughed at Joe’s attempts to play the sport.  Joe hired Tim for a whole week to teach him the Count Yogi ® way of playing golf.  They were going to spend an entire week at a course learning the Count Yogi ® Health & Golf Art™ System ©.  If at the end of a week’s instruction Joe improved, he would continue to play golf.  If he did not improve his golf game, he was going to quit playing altogether.


The week after Joe received his special one-on-one training, he and Tim had a phone conversation.  Joe informed Tim that he went out golfing with his buddies and they were not friends anymore.  They all hated Joe.  Joe’s game was on top and they couldn’t stand it.


At another meeting Tim and I had, we were talking about my son who was in pony baseball and was struggling with his batting.  My son was nine years old and this was his first year in baseball.  He had the lowest batting average on the team: he batted last.


Tim told me how his daughter had been in boys little league for several years and at first she struggled with batting.  Tim applied the Count Yogi® Golf Art™ system to batting and gave his daughter batting practice in his driveway.  His daughter turned out to have one of the highest batting averages out of about 300 boys.


This information blew me away and Tim gave me an abbreviated Count Yogi® batting class while we ate lunch.  Up to this point, I knew nothing about the implementation of the Count Yogi® system for either golf or batting.


I went home and told my son the good news.  We went over the Count Yogi® batting system and headed to the batting cages for practice.  Before each game, we went over the system and went to the batting cages for practice.  By the end of the year, my son had the highest batting average on his team.


The next year of baseball was almost a repeat of the first year.  At the beginning of the year, my son had the lowest batting average and batted last.  However, this second year I implemented the Count Yogi® batting system much earlier in the season.  And, it was obvious that the system needs to be practiced, especially in younger players.


My son’s first game after the implementation of the Count Yogi® batting system was great.  My son went four for four (doubles and triples) with multiple runs batted in.  At the end of the game his coach asked him, “What Happened?”  This continued throughout the season and opposing pitchers did not like to throw against my son.  He routinely hit doubles and triples and batted cleanup.  He also would have hit several home runs but they went foul.  He still did great and I was glad Yogi Tim had shared his secrets with me.  It made a young boy happy.


While instructing my son, I noticed he sometimes had a propensity to swing at bad pitches.  I told him that a good hitter can hit a bad pitch; but, if you swing at an obviously bad pitch, you better hit it or your coach won’t be happy.  I know my son was hitting those bad pitches because of the Count Yogi® batting system.  He could never have hit them before learning the Yogi system.  During one game, my son swung at a ball that was approximately two feet above his head and way outside the strike zone.  He swung at the ball so hard he slammed it long for a foul.  Everyone in the bleachers laughed because it was obvious he was intent on hitting the baseball.  One man stated, “Man, he really wanted to hit that thing.”  I didn’t say anything to my son, there was no need for over coaching.  The next pitch came and it was almost the same type of pitch: way too high and way outside.  Not a problem, my son swung on it hard for a double and drove in a couple of runs.  Who can argue with success?


Because of re-learning the Count Yogi® batting system, my son again ended the season with the highest batting average.


P.S. The application of Count Yogi’s method works incredibly also for catching/fielding and throwing!!



But Wait, There’s More Count Yogi® Batting Success!!!


Several years later I was attending a family party with about 100 or so attendees.  I saw numerous relatives I hadn’t seen in years.  One of my nieces in law asked me if I would teach her 9 year old son how to bat.  I asked her why she picked me.


We hadn’t talked in ages.  She stated she had heard I used to be a good batter.  Maybe so, but that was a long time ago.  However, I know the Count Yogi® batting system.


I took my great nephew away from the party and over to an unused portion of the driveway.  I took some rocks and made the outline of a home plate.  We had an imaginary bat and ball.  I looked at my great nephew’s stance at the plate and adjusted it.  I explained the system to him.  I threw him some pitches.  He was taking his eye off the ball as it crossed the plate.  He argued with me but I gently corrected him.  I went over the system with him and threw him about twenty pitches.  Remember, I didn’t have a real ball and he didn’t have a real bat.


At the end of batting practice, I told him to remember everything I told him.  He was told to go to the batting cages and practice, practice, practice; especially before each game.  I believe practicing the system right before a game is important and pays off greatly.  I told my great nephew’s father about practicing in the batting cages and he said they didn’t have access to batting cages and they would have to practice with a Zip and Hit batting trainer.  I told him to go for it.


The next week I felt like I had saved the world!  My nephew, the father of my great nephew, called to let me know that his son had just played his first baseball game since learning the Count Yogi® batting system.  My great nephew hit a three run homer his first at bat.  The game was interrupted because his father was so excited about the batting improvement he ran into the dugout to hoist his son up and congratulate him.    My great nephew also hit a triple and a single that game.  Everyone was in awe at this superior skill displayed by the batter with the lowest batting average.  Now that’s success!




So, that’s the story of the Count Yogi® batting system.  Hope you enjoyed it.


I actually believe that if there was a struggling major league batter out there that wanted help with his batting, he could rapidly and permanently improve using this mental art form and technique.  Furthermore since this topic is about baseball I would like to make a final quote.  I truly believe that Timothy Nicholls, Count Yogi’s apprentice and protégé is truly operating in the spirit and belief of a famous quote from the legendary ball player Roberto Clemente: “If you have an opportunity to make things better, and you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on this earth.”








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