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Feature Story

“Recapping the Count Yogi ® Golf “Mental & Physical Art of Putting”©


Written By:Timothy ‘Yogi’ Nicholls


As some of you remember back in 2016 the 1st Quarter 2016 Newsletter I spoke and explained the differences and advantages of Count Yogi’s way of putting.  Some time has passed by and there has been some honest and truthful comments that I have received from some students and practitioners of “The Golf Art”™.  So I decided in this newsletter to share with you some of these letters to inspire all of them that continue to work on the putting technique and method, and also to those who may be on the fence so to speak on making the change.


I surely do know this; if any average golfer learned and stayed with our way of putting alone they would permanently eliminate 4 to 6 strokes a round, no matter what swing they are using.  If you are a professional Tour Player and are relatively good from ‘tee to green’, you would most definitely find yourself more often near or at the top of the leader board.  PERIOD!!!


Please enjoy and be inspired by the following letters, testimonies and compliments.


Respectfully yours,


Timothy ‘Yogi’ Nicholls, Count Yogi’s Apprentice and Protégé



Short Game & Putting Testimonial

Los Angeles, California


My name is Paul; I am 53 years of age, belong to a men’s golf club and for better or worse love the game of golf.  I have always had a decent swing but forever suffered with my short game and putting.  For any of you out there that play the game at whatever level know that these aspects of the game and on how to execute them are nearly separate within themselves from the full swing part of the game.


One day surfing the web I had seen on YouTube videos of Count Yogi and Timothy Nicholls demonstrating the Count Yogi ® way of putting and short shots.  I was immediately quite impressed with the ease of fluency, relaxation and the positive and consistent results that they were getting.  So I decide to contact Mr. Nicholls and learn both the short game and putting.


I have been training and using this part of the golfing art form (short game and putting) for about 5 months now and I have to tell you; the results I am getting far exceeded my original expectations.  I have rapidly and permanently dropped six to seven strokes off my rounds and scores (no mulligans) and have gone from a 17 handicap to now a solid 10 and still dropping in less than six months!!!


Since now I will never need again a short game or putting lesson or tip ever again, I have recently decided to now go 100% the Count Yogi ® way and learn the ‘Full Swing” part of the art form also now that I understand that all of the aspects of “The Golf Art”™ are tied and generically link together.


Thank you for allowing me to share my story and I hope it inspires many of you out there whether you be armature or professional to liberate yourselves once and for all.



Sincerely yours,





The Most Amazing Putting I Have Ever Seen!

By Tom Szwedzinski, long standing member of the PGA



I have played with many top level amateurs and tour players and yet I have never seen a putting exhibition like this.  Let me tell you the story.  I was Head Golf Professional at a very difficult private club that has hosted many USGA and local qualifying events and we always said the course always wins because rarely did anyone break par because the greens are diabolical and severely sloped.  It is called by many as; “The Augusta of the West”.  It has earned this moniker for the reason being as that many top touring professionals have come to play this course in preparation for the “Masters” tournament due to its difficult putting green similarities.


I invited Tim Nicholls of Count Yogi ® Golf Co. and Count Yogi’s apprentice for a round of golf as he and I have been friends for many years and I am a Yogi “Golf Art” devotee.  Tim and I tee off on the back 9 where hole #10 is a steep downhill par 3. Nothing unusual happened Tim hit the green about 25 feet from the hole and hit a great putt that almost went in, but a nice two putt.  Here is where the story gets interesting, the 11th hole is a very long par 4 uphill into the wind.  Tim misses the green with his second shot and hits his chip a little too hard and leaves himself a downhill putt of about 15 feet.  This is no ordinary downhill putt not only is it downhill it also has about 4 feet of break and the green is running about a 12 on the stipmeter.  Tim settles in over the putt and makes a super smooth Yogi style putting stroke and knocks the putt in the middle of the hole with perfect speed.  I of course tell him great putt and you have no idea how difficult that putt was and Tim just politely says thank you and walks toward the next tee.  I am thinking what a lucky putt and follow Tim to the next tee.


Well the 12th green makes the 11th green look flat in comparison and the pin was on the front of the green where any ball hit with too much speed going back towards the front of the green will roll off the green and end up 20 yards in front of the green due to the severe slope.  Tim hits his approach shot about 20 feet above the hole.  I look at his putt and think to myself he has no chance of keeping that ball on the green and almost suggested he should bring his wedge along so he can chip back up to the hole after his putt rolls off the green.  You can imagine my surprise when he again rolls the ball with a perfect stroke and knocks it in with about 3 feet of break and extremely downhill.  I look at Tim and again tell him great putt and said you can’t even believe how tough that putt was to make.  Tim in his quiet confident manner again says thank you and heads to the next tee leaving me thinking that he is either the luckiest putter or the greatest putter I have ever seen.


Well it did not end there; Tim continued to make miraculous putts the entire round.  The highlight was a 25 foot putt with literally 10 feet of break running along a ridge in the green that he stroked right in the middle with perfect speed.  I am not sure what he actually shot but he had at least 12 one putt greens and none of those were tap in length they ranged from 4 feet to 30 feet.


I have been a supporter of Tim for many years but this was truly a day I will never forget.  I am training hard to try to get close to that level of putting, but he is truly a master.


A follow up thought, Tim and I have played many holes since and he putts that way every time we play, there is magic in that stoke.


Tom Szwedzinski


PGA of America


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