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Feature Story: “Recruiting a Yogi Golf ® Artist for the PGA Tour”


Written By: Timothy ‘Yogi’ Nicholls


Dear fellow Count Yogi ®, Yogi Golf ® Enthusiast,


I apologize for being so far behind on newsletters and updates.  I have been so busy searching out and building a professional team of qualified individuals who are expert Yogi’s in their own rights and various fields of expertise.  I can now say that the team has become established enough that I am now finally able to concentrate more on personal instruction and look for and recruit the right individual(s) to become a professional and competitive Count Yogi ® Golf Artist.  I am now on my quest to find individuals who want, more than anything, to live a life of travel and competition on the PGA Tour.  I feel this is the first step, and best way, to preserve this incredible art form from dying out and being lost and forgotten forever, along with continuing Yogi’s legacy and numerous contributions to the game.




Be of sound and reasonable good health and habits.

If naturally talented that’s a plus but not necessary.

Most important; ‘Obsession’.  You want this more than anything in the world.  I and 'The Art' will do the rest.




It is accomplished through superior, advanced application of Bio-mechanical, Isokinetic, and perfected Neuro-Science.  “NO WEIGHTS OR LIFTING INVOLVED.”  The Golf Art ™ has its own health, and injury-free physical and mental exercises within itself.


I know some of you out there have this dream.  I also know that some of you out there have been working very hard for a long time towards this goal and got stuck and stagnated on the Mini Tours or even the Tour with no advancement.  Some of you out of frustration have quit, feeling or finally accepting that you just were not, or may not be good enough.  Well I can tell you that if you once had, or still have, that obsession to compete inside of you, the previous reasons mentioned are a bunch of ‘Bull’ and not true.  You don’t have to buy into it because it is not true, and is not the reason for your short-fall to success.  It is merely a state of mind that you fell into and accepted.  But I and Count Yogi’s golfing art form can change that for you.


Now the players that are still sticking it out and hanging in there though years have passed without any advancement, I find their work ethic and persistence admirable but crazy.  When I have talked to a few who are now pushing 40 they say: “I’m almost there, I’m about to break through!”  Then I ask them when they first started or when they made these tours and many of them tell me since they were 18, 19, or 20 etc...


You know what is said about people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and desire change but do nothing different and expect change?  It’s called a crazy, or at least an irrational person.  These are people who feel that they have invested so much time and effort in their games with the status-quo “Hinge and Lever’ mechanics (with no mental art) that it would be just to difficult for them to make the change and transition to the Count Yogi ® ‘Orbital Mechanics’ referred to as “The Golf Art”™.  This feeling and thinking that any change would be bad for them is a complete myth, and again a mere state of mind.  Remember the theoretical breakthrough that became the dominating, superior and practical application of the ‘High-Jump’ of the 1970’s?  The whole world was using the Western Roll and the Scissor Jump.  Today because of a man named Dick Fosbury, a Yogi in his own right developed what we call and is commonly used today as the “Fosbury Flop”.  When it was first introduced it met resistance.  It was even ridiculed and scoffed at, however, because Dick and others could do it with dominating results, today the whole world of high jump is using it if they want any chance of a competitive edge at all.  Count Yogi’s art form is the Dick Fosbury's, theoretical breakthrough in golf.


I will explain and give one of many examples.  As of late and for what ever reasons, my request received for private instruction and training has brought me to travel to the client instead of them coming to me, which I do not mind.  I like to accommodate people who are excited to learn but their ability to leave home is restricted.  As of late I have traveled to Atlanta, GA, Gainesville, FL, and Denver, CO.  In Denver I was greeted by some of the nicest, most respectful to me, open minded PGA men I have ever met.  They were great guys.  I met them through the 73 year old client I was there to teach and train.  This client is a highly regarded CPA and was a member of Castle Pines C.C. and Cherry Hill C.C., and once owned and operated a very successful putter company.  After working at the game of golf for so many years with all of the handed down theories and top teachers in the game you can imagine, he was seriously considering quitting the game all together because it just wasn’t fun any more.  I believe he found out about me and what I was doing through the purchase of the book: “Golf’s Forgotten Legends & Unforgettable Controversies”©By Jeff Gold.  After reading that book and viewing our websites, decided to purchased all three of our eBooks.  Shortly after experiencing some immediate improvement he ordered the “Platform to Perfection”® © kit.  Because he was open minded and willing to change his experience and joy for golf, he began to improve and come back.  This led to personal and private instruction.  Now at the age of 73, he is playing the best Older-Younger golf he can ever remember with more predictability of skill, judgment and scoring results than he has ever had.


The moral of this story is that it is never too late.  If a 70 + year old individual can make the change of his or her neuro-pathway of thinking than so can anybody else, especially a younger or older pro if they have both a willingness to learn, and most importantly, a willingness to change.  If they do both of these requirements the transition of learning is quick, painless, exciting, and fun.  Like in the sport of football when teams hire a new coach, or when a player is traded; it is said: “It is not the new playbook that is difficult to learn but it’s forgetting the old one!!!”


“What ever one man or woman can do, so can another.”

“The person that says they can’t and the one that says they can; they are both right.”

“What ever you really, really, want, it wants you.”


I also want to mention that we are working on an update to the Count Yogi ® Golf instruction and “Golf Store” site;




Respectfully yours,




Timothy ‘Yogi’ Nicholls


Master Instructor, Count Yogi ® Health & Golfing Art Form


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