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Feature Story:  “The Golf Art”


Written By: Timothy ‘Yogi’ Nicholls


My name is Mr. Timothy Nicholls and I represent the “Count Yogi ® Health & Golf Method ©”, a time tested and proven ‘art form’ on golf.  It is a system that is truly superior to any other teaching philosophy or method on learning the game of golf available today.  It will produce and allow more individuals to compete at the highest performance level, and without injuries.


For years now the world has been over inundated with traditional western philosophies and methods of golf instruction that produce very poor results and allow only a few to be able to reach their desired goals of being a competitive professional or contented and consistent weekender.  This is because the way the game is taught today is physically and mentally “backwards”!!!


Yes, you will see and hear today claims of similarity but none of it is purely truthful.  Think of it in terms of an award winning recipe.  If you do not follow that recipe exactly with the right ingredients and their correct proportions, you will no longer have and end up with that award winning recipe.  It is as simple as that.


Like any art form you start off with first learning and mastering the basics.  This will forever be your anchor in a turbulent sea of theories.  The method and art form is completely generic in mind and body from the driver to the putter.  “Fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand moves, but fear the man who has practiced one move ten thousand times.”


Here is a little history on the game of golf and the Count Yogi art form:


Though they nurtured and blossomed into what we call today as modern western democracy after the ancient Greeks, the ancient Romans who were the first golfers had a much more eastern approach and philosophy when it came to combat and athletics.  My master and mentor; the late great Harry Frankenberg, aka “Count Yogi”, who taught me everything he knew, was the worlds only consistent low-scoring player of the game.  He also as the ancients, believed in a more eastern philosophy approach to teaching and playing.  This is truly in a more harmonious way of thinking and learning with our ancient history and proud culture.


The Yogi way of physical movement is far more athletically advanced and superior to what modern popular physics and biomechanics are claiming today.  Once this art form is learned, it is much easier to consistently repeat.  It is then supported and maintained with the precise mental art technique. Yogi Golf ® is much like the legendary philosophies of Taoism and Tai Chi.  What the “Fosbury Flop” was to revolutionizing the high jump, so does the Count Yogi ® Health & Golfing Method © does in revolutionizing the way golf will be played for centuries to come.  It is just too logical and intelligent not to do so.  Once you experience it there is no going back to the old ways and theories.  Your common sense just won’t allow it.


The instruction system enables a beginner to excel into a competitor in a fraction of the time required by traditional golf training methods and with permanent results.


The beautiful and healthy swing system with its excellent physiology and human kinetics merits assured consistency and high-level performance that is completely “injury free” with undeniable mental health benefits.


Count Yogi ® Health & Golf System will expedite world-class golf development in China efficiently and quickly – a claim no other approach can offer. Your current golf history, population participation and available facilities guarantee success.



Respectfully yours,



Timothy ‘Yogi’ Nicholls


Master Instructor, Count Yogi ® Health & Golfing Art Form




A True Testimonial and Hilarious Story


Written By: J. Hensby, Golf Swing Mechanics’ and Analysis Expert


Hi Tim,


         Man I am so envious of your Yogi gathering, just can’t wait to get over there and get some of your insight into Yogi’s mental set, I was watching the Masters today and I visualized Yogi  walking to the first tee chest out locks flowing  and then busting the ball so far and straight, the galleries would be 95% with Yogi on that course  today with his  style and persona, tell me one person today in that field that field that has one 1 % of Yogi’s flamboyance/style and gallery interaction, he is the one player that could cause havoc at the masters because so many people would be following him.


You will like this story, I am a notorious sleeper, most nights I only sleep 3/4 hours, some nights maybe 2 hours, I just have never needed much sleep, so the other night at around 2 am I was watching a video of Yogi hitting some shots and something came over me in that I could feel something he was doing in his swing, I had to hit some shots while I had the feeling.


I  got in my car and headed down to a place near a river in a little town not far away , there is a public  picnic area  right beside the river with a beautiful grass area that looks straight out into the river, I drove into the area and parked my car facing out into the river with the headlights on and got in front of the car  and started hitting  balls out into the river, I was hitting it like you can't imagine and after about 15 minutes a Cop car  pulled up beside me and two highway patrol cops got out and came over and  asked what I was doing there.


I innocently said ‘just practicing my Golf Swing’... the senior cop said have you been drinking sir, I said no officer I in fact have never drunk alcohol in my life, he then said have you taken any type of medication or drugs in the last hour or so, I said that I have never taken drugs before ever in my life as well, so he then said.  Ok then why are you practicing your golf swing at 2.30 am in a public picnic ground, would you not think we as police officers would think that anyone doing this is not under some alcohol or drug influence,   I quick as a flash said you would only think that if you were not Golfers... I have had an epiphany about something amazing  regarding a very special type golf swing that an incredible guy had way back in the  50’s and I had to try it out  now,  the senior cop said ..and who was that Golfer sir... I said his name was ‘Count Yogi’, and the cop quick as a flash said… Oh he was ‘Count Dracula's’ cousin wasn’t I know why you have to practice at night and not in the Sunlight.


I said look I know it all sounds and looks a bit crazy   but it’s the absolute truth, and then the younger cop chimed in and said.... I play golf a lot and I have never heard of any golfer by that name before how can he be so influential on you to do this crazy stuff, I said if you saw how he swung the club and knew of the records he held you probably would be a candidate for my practice area here, I then said do you guys have a public access computer in your car and the senior cop said  sure we do, so I said to the young cop let me show you who this guy is, so the young cop asks me what to type into Google  and up comes Yogi, I tell him to open  a video which was the putting one  which they watch then he opens the one where he can see Yogi’s swing.


The young cop said so can you swing like the Count, I said not really but the essence of his swing I can show you, so they line up the patrol car with its lights pointing out into the river beside my car  and I ripped about 10 4 irons that were  laser like then  4 drivers that were unbelievable, the area is in the most quiet  area you can imagine, no houses for miles but because it was night time  and the river was the only thing in front of me the driver sound was like  rifle shots, the cops were dumbfounded , the cops said they were freelance type cops that come to an area for a week then move to another town and they do all the graveyard shifts  which is why they were around at that time in that area.


Because there was no inhabitants near where I was hitting the cops just sat on the picnic bench and watched me hit another 30 or so balls, and I never missed a shot, it was the type of thing I can imagine Yogi doing, it was an incredible experience.


Regards JH


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