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What is Yogi Putting?


It is an artistic hand and wrist style and way of putting that was perfected and proven superior nearly a century ago by the great Harry M. Frankenberg of Chicago , later known as the legendary Count Yogi.  He was the most “consistent”, never off his game golfer that ever lived and considered by many to be the greatest golfer ever.  He still holds to this day many world golfing records and feats yet most golfers today know little to nothing about him.  A few records that still stand un-broken to this day is the lowest competitive tournament score of 29 – 26 for a 55 on par 74 to win the 1934 Chicago Golf Championship.  Another feat of many is his fastest played, lowest scored 27 on par 35 accomplished in less than an hours time, walking, not running.  At the tender age of 13, was the youngest teaching professional ever.  He taught and helped many of golf’s greats realize their dreams like Ben Hogan who had troubles and then traveled to Chicago to train with Yogi in the winter of 1939-40 who then later that spring became one of the most dominating PGA golfers in the world.  Count Yogi is the only person in history to have mastered all aspects of the game of golf from caddying, playing, scoring, and teaching.  With this said, common sense and logic should beckon to you to ask yourself; “I should know what Count Yogi knew!”


My name is Timothy Nicholls; I was Count Yogi’s chosen apprentice and sole heir to his incredible method and art form.  I was personally taught, trained and mentored by the Count for over 15 years in all aspects of the techniques of swings, strokes, and putting.  Due to the recent putting ruling handed down by the R&A and the USGA; Rule 14 – 1b; which makes any form of anchoring the putter handle illegal in the not too distant future, there will be thousands of people worldwide, from world class pros and amateurs alike, most of them at the last minute, scrambling to make the switch and change over to other acceptable and effective styles of putting.  So I decided to launch and offer the Yogi putting knowledge to the world as a new and refreshing alternative to becoming a consistent and incredible putter.  It will also be great for existing hand putters that have been a little off for awhile and were not sure why.  The Yogi Golf ® way of putting is completely legal.  In fact, it completely stabilizes the handle and fulcrum without anchoring it.  It is absolutely brilliant!


For decades now it has been commonly taught that hand and wrist putting is wrong and no good, that it causes yips and pulled and pushed putts, stating that right-handed golfer’s right hands should never pass under the left, that this is the cause of inconsistent missed putts.  But wait a minute.  Let’s examine this statement a little closer by going back in time and comparing with historical facts.  Besides Count Yogi, many of golf’s greatest players and champions were hand & wrist putters, from Old and Young Tom Morris, Charles “Chick” Evans Jr., Ben Hogan, the great South African golfer Bobby Locke, PGA King Arnold Palmer in his earlier dominating days, and even the great Jack Nicklaus throughout his career.  So what’s going on here?  Is hand and wrist style putting really not that good or is it truly superior to the use of the larger muscles of arm and shoulder “piston putting”?


I will now explain and prove without any shadow of a doubt that the smaller, more delicate and artistic muscles, ligaments and tendons of hand and wrist putting is far better, even superior to the larger and less artistic muscles, ligaments and tendons of arm and shoulder putting.  You have heard that putting is a “game within a game”.


This is true because putting takes more physical finesse, calmness of mind and body and less energy applied than full swings and shorter shots.  I have asked many of my friends and associates, pro and armature, who were some of the best putters they had ever seen or could remember.  All of them said they were mostly high handicappers, and most of them were “Hand & Wrist” putters.  Where it took them a few more strokes to get on the green, once they did they were incredibly affective with their putters.


A great analogy and comparison to hand and wrist putting verses larger muscled arm and shoulder putting would be likened to a skilled surgeon performing open heart surgery.  Does he or she use their larger muscled arms and shoulders to perform their task with any reasonable precision and excellence?  I think absolutely not.  This same principle would apply for a watchmaker/jeweler, or a great artist like Rembrandt who not only mastered light and shade but the eye balls in his paintings.  No matter how close you get to the painting, the eyes still look real.  Can you imagine these people and professions using their larger muscles (arm & shoulders) to perform their task?  For them to do so would not only be illogical but impossible if to ever expect any degree of excellence and success. This same type of delicate technique is what it also takes to truly be able to consistently master and manipulate your putter face for great putting and scoring.


I have heard comments like hand and wrist putting was ok for the old style greens that were not as well kept, cut and maintained like today’s modern greens.  This is another myth.  In fact way back many years ago some greens were oil sanded and were as fast as lightning, I would think even faster than today’s modern greens.  And again, remember the great champions of yesteryear were competing and winning with their hand and wrist style putting.  The truthful fact is whether you are playing on a slow or bumpy green, or a fast and smooth green, hand and wrist putting is best because the amount of needed energy delivered for club head speed and distance with clubface line and accuracy, is far more precise and reliably executed.  Yogi Golf ® is now offering and making this knowledge available.


So the next question is; “Why does hand and wrist putting sometimes go bad or cease to work and deliver consistent and satisfactory results?”  The answer is very simple.  As previously mentioned, there are a few simple physical and mental laws that need to be learned and adhered to, and once learned and applied correctly; one will never be off their putting ever again.  “What about all the pros on tour that put great using arms and shoulders?”  Even they are not that consistent when you consider the level they are at and the amount of time they have invested in themselves and their careers.  Like Count Yogi proved his entire life time, if you obtain and process enough skill and judgment of anything, you can make wrong look right to a helpless and gullible public that do not have the time to invest and develop the skill and judgment needed to ever really know what is wrong or right.


Bottom line, there is no other putting stroke on the planet that puts a more dominating top spin over roll on the ball that literarily “Hunts” the hole.  You can actually witness puts get near the edge of holes and slam dunk themselves in.  “Three putting” and missed short putts for pars and birdies will be dramatically eliminated and become things of the past.


So whether you are a professional on the PGA tour, a mini tour or a casual weekend golfer; The Count Yogi ® Health & Golf Method’s ©, “The Mental Art of Putting & Physical Movement” © will give you this powerful yet simple and lasting information.


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