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Count Yogi® Golf Testimonial from Doug K. from Camarillo, CA:


After only three sessions, about 5 hours of training with Mr. Tim Nicholls on the Count Yogi® Health & Golf Method©, for the first time in seven years of playing golf with a buddy who always would beat me, finally lost to me by one stroke on the final 18th hole of play. I scored a fantastic, no-pressure putting 'Birdie'!!! My friend was in shock on how I played the whole round and then told me it was luck. I didn't respond or comment at all, or say anything. But in my mind for the very first time in my golfing experience I knew it was not luck but my Count Yogi golfing knowledge and training. Another thing I noticed that I was not as tired as usual and my normally aching knee and back were actually feeling a little better than normal. Thank you God for Tim and Count Yogi's gift.


Doug K.



Feature Article




The USGA® and the PGA® sponsoring and promoting the new "WHILE WE'RE YOUNG" campaign.


The United States Golf Association (USGA), in cooperation with past and present PGA legends, has adopted this comical statement made by the comedian Rodney Dangerfield in the feature comedy, "Caddy Shack". The joke was made in an effort to speed-up the ‘pace of play’ or 'slow play' in the group that he was playing with.


Nothing could be more damaging to this wonderful game than the excessive time it takes to be able to play a round of it. There are other factors, but slow-play would be one of the primary ones why so many people of all skill levels, get so frustrated, that some actually give the game up entirely…


We will, later in this article, share our point of view and contribution to what we think will immensely help and assist this endeavor.


Continued below.


Yogi Golf® Training News


Count Yogi® Golf Testimonial from Harry White from Vancouver, Canada:


Having been involved with golf for a long time, I have seen and continue to see, a great many golfers struggle with the game and as a result, with themselves. The many well-known golf "tips" offered by the industry to cure all "ills", serve only to add to the confusion and frustration that golfers experience. More golfers are quitting the game than taking it up! What can be done? How about a dose of old fashioned "intelligence" and "God-given" talent?


Tim Nicholls of the Count Yogi Golf Company, Master Instructor, has transformed a young Vancouver , BC golfer, Philip Mak, age 16, from a frustrated and struggling teenage golfer into a confident, accomplished and happy golfer. At age 13, Philip Mak began to take a real interest in golf. With the encouragement of his father David, Philip began to play casual golf and then to compete in the Optimist Junior Linkster Tour Canada (BC). Philip enjoyed the opportunity to play golf with others his own age and at the many different golf courses that the Tour followed during the golfing season.


Competition sparked a growing interest in golf but an almost equal level of disappointment at his poor results. Instead of improving at golf, the opposite was happening. This situation plays out and is common for most people all over the world. Fortunately, Philip was introduced to the Count Yogi Golf method, here in Vancouver and with the full support of his family, he has embraced the method, by being personally mentored by Tim Nicholls himself. With just 39 hours of tutoring by the Count Yogi Golf Company Master Instructor, Philip now consistently returns competitive scores at Par or under. He has qualified to play in the British Columbia Junior Boys and Men's Amateur championships and also the prestigious US Kids Golf Teen World Championship in Pinehurst , North Carolina and Optimist International Junior Golf Championship in Florida . Just last weekend, Philip finished just two strokes behind the winner of the Vancouver City Men's Amateur Championship, returning scores of 70-71(141).


Philip's continued improvement is no accident. He has the knowledge and time-tested method of the "World's Greatest Golfer", Count Yogi. His skills have improved, his confidence has grown - Philip is a happy young golfer - but this is not the end of the story. Philip has earned the designation of 4th level "Blue Belt Yogi Golfer" and has as his goal to become a 7th degree "Black Belt Yogi Golfer" and take on the PGA Tour by storm! Tim Nicholls and the Count Yogi Golf Company are directly responsible for his progress and will ensure that he does indeed accomplish his goals in golf. Count Yogi golf works all ways, always!






ANNOUNCEMENT: Latest on Yogi Philip Mak's second round scoring at the U.S. Teens Golf Tournament at Pinehurst C.C., NC. Philip played fantastic out there the day of Friday, July 26th. In Philips own words: "I shot a fine score of 66! My Yogi moves and mind were really good and my putting even better. I can't argue with 25 putts for 15 greens in regulation. A near flawless round, I had 7 birdies and only 1 bogey!" Congratulations Philip, you have come a long way in a very short amount of time.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Yogi Philip Mak was actually tied for the lead after 10 holes in the final round of the U.S. Junior Teen . Due to a few un-lucky bounces and bad breaks he finished in a three way tie for 6th. Is ultimate goal was still realized by playing well enough to qualify and secure his spot on the International Team for the 'World Cup'!!! This was his goal of the tournament and he fulfilled that plus more. From here it's just smooth swings and good moves."




USGA & PGA News “While We’re Young”

(Continued from above)


 The average time for a round of golf, for both professional tournaments and daily fee courses takes 5 to 6 hours to play, averaging around 17 to 20 minutes per hole played. Mr. Rand Jerris, PH.D. of the USGA stated on the Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive” show that the ultimate goal was to get all players to complete their shots, including necessary judgments and club selection (Annika Sorenson called this the “Think and Play Boxes”), within 20 seconds per shot. This would bring the time down to around 4 ½ hours per round. The two hosts of the show responded with some doubt of the possibility that this could be accomplished.


 To learn more on what the USGA is doing about this growing problem through their “Pace of Play” initiative, go to: and;



Our Point of View of “Slow – Play”, By Timothy Nicholls:


 Is it possible to go from a 5 ½ hour round of golf to a 4 ½ hour round? It is merely cutting the playing time per hole, 2 to 3 minutes. This is about 15 minutes spent per hole verses 17 to 18 minutes. In the attempt to prove the USGA’s desire of whether 4 ½ hours to play a round of 18 hole golf was feasible, we performed a test with four Count Yogi® Golf students. One was a beginner at second level degree, and the other two were advanced fifth level degrees, and myself. Though all of us varied in age size and skill ability, we were all equal in etiquette knowledge and our Yogi playing style and “Infallible Mental Routines”. We were done, without feeling rushed at all in 4 hours. This is a little over 13 minutes spent per hole. Our “Cycle Time”, which is the amount of time used from the moment the pin flag, is pulled, and to when everyone in the group is finished putting out and the pin is put back in the hole. Our cycle time averaged about 3 ½ minutes per green. What Dr. Jerris and the USGA feel can be done is absolutely true and reasonable reality.


The idea of speeding up the pace of playing time for the game of golf is not a new and recent idea. It has been a concern and problem as far back as the early part of the last century and most likely even well before that. I believe that every effort today being made to speed up the pace of play is crucial to the growth and preservation of this unique, wonderful, and intelligent game. We at Count Yogi® Golf are 100% convinced as to one simple fact on how to once and for, permanently put an end to “Slow – Play”, and that is;” the way you learn and train yourself how to physically move and think!!!” Most recreational golfers do contend with improper and in-effective physical movements (swings) and the lack of mental training and course management. This is the root problem of the pace of play being to slow. But wait! What about some of the world class players on tour? Some of them average as much as 2 to 3 minute or more in time from the moment they arrive at their ball in the tee box or in the fairway, and before their shot completion? My response to that is; what about the other pros on tour who play and complete their shots in half that time and score very well? Considering both of these questions one would have to come to the logical conclusion that it would all lie within an attitude and state of mind.


The quicker player is cool-headed, confident and committed, while the other is tense, nervous, unsure and indecisive, and stuck in a harmful state of over analytical “left brain” during the actual swing movement. This condition is usually caused by excessive instruction of improper and poor physical and mental swing theory. Once a golfer gets stuck in this place and condition, no matter who they are, it becomes nearly impossible for them to get out of it without the proper knowledge and training. It is no different than care for your body’s health, which are the right foods and exercise, or the correct medicine subscribed for your condition. The only cure is to adopt and learn a “Infallible Mental Routine”. We at Count Yogi® Golf Co. teach the only time tested, proven and reliable one in the history of the game. But even here your state of mind is very important. Are you positive or pessimistic? Is the glass half full or half empty? You should never try harder or over concentrate or think. It’s not open heart surgery or watch and jewelry repair, it’s just a game no matter how many are there watching you, just stay calm, focused, and perform.


Nothing has more affect on the pace of play than your mind and what you perceive to be needed and necessary thought and calculation while playing the game of golf. When this condition gets out of control you are stuck in a state of over analytical “left-brain”. This condition of over left-brain calculating and usage prior to performing your swing movement and playing your shot is not just a condition of unskilled players. It is not prejudice to anyone. It is a condition that affects people worldwide and of all levels of ability. In fact, most quicker players will even make the comment that to many people see the slower, more deliberate Pros on TV and assume that this is the way to scoring better, but quicker players of all levels know this not to be true. There is not enough time in this article to go into extensive detail so I’ll do my best to make things as brief as possible but in the hope of getting my point across and being able to help the cause.


The human brain is one of, if not thee most complex ‘hard drives’ in the universe. It is made up of an assortment of electrical complexities and various components like neuro-sensors, neurotransmitters and pathways etc, that assist us in learning something in a state of left-brain consciousness. The left side brain builds vertically, calculating numbers and words, and is fantastic when learning something or running your business or personal affairs. When learning a physical movement like a golf swing, it eventually becomes so ingrained that it becomes a ‘habit reflex’, a state of unconscious competence whether the movement is proper or improper. Example: Tying your shoe, driving a car, typing and so on. In physical cliché terms this would be called “muscle memory”. But as most of us no the muscles really don’t have a memory or think for themselves but they do give a sort of “feel – feed back” to the brain. This is why many players play by feel. But what happens if you help your Dad pour some cement or dig some fence post? The next day when playing golf your muscle memory will be altered and feel different due to the previous days heavy physical work. This situation makes muscle memory primarily unreliable. Good and consistent scoring along with quicker play comes from the best physical movement and mental attitude and conception as to not interrupt the brains ability to be calm, and ‘think right’ before, during, and after the swing movement.


So how does this affect the pace of play of golf? Simple, when one gets into the poor habit of continuing to over think and re-recalculate the decisions that were already made regarding their geological calculations and club selection (excessive left-brain usage) prior to performing the swing, they also get stuck there in that state, full of doubt while standing over the ball. If you add up all the time spent when one is in this condition on the tee, in the fairway, and on and off the green, it will shock you on how much useless time was used and wasted.


Conclusion: Next time you are standing over the ball ready to take your club head away after you had already gone through and approved your prior decisions, and a little voice says to you; “are you sure you’re ready?” Or you’re thinking about any part of your body prior to performing the swing movement, right then and there take control and tell your analytical left brain to shut up and then ignore it. Then just trust and ‘GO’!!! Control your club face, to your target mentally just like a giant put!!! You will be amazed on how many good shots you’ll have when you mentally move when you thought you weren’t so called ready. The more you train and discipline yourself to do this, the weaker that old neuro-pathway of doubt will become, and the new proper, positive and affective one you are building will eventually rule the day. This is a mere part of our “Infallible Mental Routine”!




Here is my fictional 'Babe' Ruth story. Imagine being in a hotel room with all of today’s top golf gurus on "Modern Popular Physics" and "Bio Mechanics". And in the room with them is the legendary baseball legend, who could be representing all of histories past sports winners and champions. The gurus all discus and go on and on for quite awhile regarding their theories. Suddenly Babe Ruth stands up with a hotdog in one hand and a cold beer in the other and says; "I'm not so sure on what you're all talking about, I just know how to throw strikes, hit home runs and win!!!" This is 'right-brain' function and usage while performing physical movement. This is athletic 'ART FORM'.


There is nothing better or more effective on preventing slow play in golf than the time tested and proven Count Yogi® Health & Golf Method's; "Infallible Mental Routine." It is a perfected and reliable art form of healthy and superior physical movement for all ages, gender and ability, and is accompanied with an incredible mental art technique. It teaches the correct way and precise amounts of left and right brain usage before and during ‘geological calculation’, club selection, and pre-shot set-up, and also during and after the physical swing movement. It has been said by others in the business of golf instruction that they do not believe in methods or art forms. Just because they don’t have one doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Otherwise let’s get rid of Ballet, Zen Archery, Martial Arts, Acting, Music, Theatre, Sculpture, Discus, Hammer and Javelin Throw, Architecture, and many more? I think not.


I would like to also make this final statement. I am not in agreement with ‘Go – Golf” or ‘Ready – Golf’, and I’ll explain why. The intelligent and ambitious men that first started and nurtured this game, figured out long ago that for someone to play well and at a good pace, ‘etiquette’ was, and had to be a crucial part of allowing that process to happen. There is never an excuse for impatience, inconsideration and bad manners. There is a time to move and talk, and a time to stop and be considerate and quite for your fellow player. Poor etiquette actually slows down the quicker player because it disrupts and short circuits so to speak there committed focus. Thusly producing an unnecessary poor shot which causes them to pull off the ball and go through their routine all over again. Remember, we’re trying to speed up play!!!


In our next newsletter our feature article will be: “THE CHAMPION MIND”, followed by the next one; “COUNT YOGI® STYLE PUTTING & USGA, R&A RULE 14 – 1b"


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