Independent Scientific Study


The Count Yogi® “The Golf Art”™ Method & Technique


Based on neuro-scientific studies from Johns Hopkins University and by Dr Gabriele Wulf at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, it has been quantifiably proven that methods of learning, rather than just teaching, hold the key to experiencing accelerated improvement in golf performance. The fact is, unless the information you receive from your chosen coach or method becomes actual physical motion, then it is nothing other than information.


Information is fine, it is the starting point, but we need to know how to change or improve our swings, strokes and putts so it becomes our actual bodily motion. It becomes more than a concept, it becomes a physical act we can perform and repeat. You will learn and master this with the Count Yogi® THE GOLF ART™.


So much is talked about ‘muscle memory' but to actually change or improve your swing you have to change your brain. You have to alter the neural pathways in your brain which send the commands to your muscles. By understanding a little more of how our brain works, we can then get down to the job of taking good technical information and making it an efficient golf swing, short-game, or putting in as quick a time as is possible. We need brain and body compatible. You will learn and master this with the Count Yogi® THE GOLF ART ™.


It has also been proven that there is a more superior way of athletic bio mechanics and technique then what is being commonly taught and believed to be best.


The more widely believed and common one being “Hinge & Lever” bio mechanics which is based, taught, and maintained solely through mental and physical “Internal Learning & Focus”. The other discovered and more superior one being the Count Yogi® The Golf Art™ way of “Orbital” bio mechanics which is based and taught through both mental and physical “Internal Learning & Focus” at first, then afterwards maintained through mental “External Learning & Focus”. This is true CORRECT TRAINING!!!


Book your lessons today and get started on learning the best and ultimate in mental conception, bio mechanics and all other aspects of the game for playing consistent, low scoring, and injury free golf. Our style of putting is the best!!!



For: Experienced Professional Tour Players

By; Francis M. Ricci – Former founder and president of ‘Yes Putters’


Please accept this offering as being supplemental information to the Count Yogi “The Golf Art”™ information available from Count Yogi Golf Co., LLC. I sincerely believe and hope you agree that the information proves to be interesting and beneficial. Like many others who have followed your career and consider you to be among the world’s “best-ever” golfers, I would be thrilled to see you re-emerge to that status and maintain it for many years to come.


From my perspective, I do not see any reasons that would prevent you from doing so. To the contrary, based on my observations of your career performance (and despite the various physical problems you have had and the passing of time), I am confident that you continue to have the requisite physical and mental capabilities. Also, in my opinion, advancing age should not be a limiting factor. In many respects, people in their 40’s today are still considered “young” and equal to those in their 30’s in earlier years of professional golf.




The last professional tour player who was taught this knowledge by my master teacher long before my apprenticeship was Ben Hogan in the winter of 1939 – 1940. Hogan turned “pro” officially in January 1930, playing in the San Antonio Open. After 10 years of struggles and losses, and without any “wins”, struggling pitifully with not only his swing but with his entire game, he was about to “give up” after the 1939 season.


At the urging of his financial supporter and proxy father, Marvin Leonard, over the winter months of 1939-1940, Hogan worked on his game for only three months in Chicago in an “indoor” golf facility operated by a golf instructor known as the “Great Frankenberg.” Frankenberg’s only conditions were that Ben did not disclose any information about the mechanical or mental art technique he was tutored in, and would give just credit due to Frankenberg for accomplishing his goals. Ben kept the first part of the agreement but not the second. This is the reason why you have never heard of him (Frankenberg).


Though after the war he had gotten off our unique “Orbital Mechanics”, he still obtained the ‘mental art’ technique and kept his promise and never disclosed or talked about it. After learning and training with the same and exact golf art that I want to give you, his ten years of frustration and losing was suddenly and immediately over and replaced with impressive winning streaks after only three months of training!!!


In his 1st tournament and return to the tour of the 1940 season, Hogan won the North & South Open held in March at Pinehurst. He also won the next two tournaments (the Ashville “Land of the Sky” Open, and the Greater Greensville Open) for THREE IN A ROW WINS! He also won the Goodall Palm Beach Round Robin in 1940-presumably shortly after the Three in a row wins. From that day forward he never looked back. He followed up with five more wins

in 1941, and six in 1942 before the Tour was suspended for the war years.


What happened during his short time working with the “Great Frankenberg”? The short answer is he made some physical and mental adjustments as he learned the “art form” taught to him by Frankenberg.





Based on my research about Frankenberg, he was born in Montana in 1905. In 1910 the family moved to the Chicago area where Frankenberg lived and worked until 1949; (until moving to the Los Angeles area for the remainder of his life he passed away in 1990). He began playing golf at an early age and began teaching the game at age 14. Although he played some tournament golf (and achieved some remarkable records), he devoted most of his time to his multiple businesses and teaching career, giving lessons and performing clinics/” trick shot” shows as “Count Yogi” starting in the early 1950’s.


In addition to the BEN HOGAN experience recited above, Frankenberg gave lessons to several other men and lady pro’s including, notably, Dave Hill and “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias. Hill was about to quit tournament golf when he took three lessons from Frankenberg in early 1969 in Palm Springs. He thereupon resumed his tournament play and finished that year winning the Vardon Trophy and # two on the “money list.”




To the best of my knowledge, the Frankenberg/Count Yogi “The Golf Art™” for golf consists of unique (yoga like) “mechanics” and mental abilities/ an “infallible mental routine,” resembling to some degree the ancient Chinese martial arts discipline of Tai Chi per “brain compatible learning” according to scientific experts. Based on my reading on this subject, as human beings attempt to try or learn new or different physical or mental adjustments to change performance, new “left brain” neural-pathways develop which can become destructive. This condition is known as “organized confusion” and can be described as lost in a dark forest and not being able to find the way out. Count Yogi’s art cleans out the destructive ones while instilling the new positive and productive ones.


Also, to the best of my knowledge, there is only one person who truly understands this ART FORM and its application to golf. That individual is Timothy Nicholls. As Frankenberg/Count Yogi’s “adopted” son since the 1970’s, Nicholls was tutored and trained in the The Art Form for golf until Count Yogi’s passing in 1990 at age 85. Tim inherited the physical and intellectual golf properties from Count Yogi and has transferred the legal rights to his Company (Count Yogi Golf Co. LLC).


Over the past several months, I have become closely acquainted with Tim. Over a three- day period in April of this year, I visited with him in his home area north of Los Angeles to meet “face to face” and to be introduced to the “Count Yogi” golf methodology. Since then, we have had numerous discussions, e-mail correspondence, etc. Without question, I am convinced that the “Count Yogi” methodology is superior to anything I have previously experienced in my quest to learn golf and improve my personal performance. That experience includes lessons with the many local teaching pro’s over the years locally at Cherry Hills and Castle Pines, David Leadbetter (who I visited many times starting about 1982 through to about 1990), Paul Runyon and others.


To accompany this letter and add credibility to the ART FORM, I have attached an article (“A lesson in learning”) I recently discovered as I was trying to better understand the neuropathway subject. I asked Tim to read the article (his comments are also included). Tim has great respect for your golf knowledge and swing and believes that with a few

physical and mental adjustments via precise training, that he would discuss with you, your performance would almost immediately improve.


Sincerely yours,


Francis M. Ricci



Count Yogi® Professional Player

Introductory Letter


Dear Professional Tour Player,


“The purpose of this letter is to share information on an incredible golfing art form (THE GOLF ART™) that will produce consistent low scoring and prevent injury.”


“On the surface, this ART FORM may appear to be a new and fresh concept. In actuality, it is ancient, time tested and proven. Some of the principles introduced in this concept will require no further explanation or proof of soundness because they are familiar to practically everyone. Other principles are new or “different,” and for that reason, many students of this concept may hesitate to accept them as sound.”


“Every principle of this concept (method/technique) has been thoroughly tested and proven by its creator (Count Yogi), myself as his apprentice, students, scientists and others capable of distinguishing between the merely theoretical and the practical. All principles in this “art form” are known to be workable in the exact manner claimed for them.”


The major evil any viewer or student is requested to avoid is that of forming opinions without definite FACTS as the basis, which brings to mind the legendary quote and famous admonition of Herbert Spencer in these words:


"There is a principle which is a bar against all information; which is proof against all argument; and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. This principle is contempt prior to examination."


“If you will accept this ART FORM without traditional prejudice or immediate contempt and give it a fair and open examination, I am confident you will find its soundness to be very practical and not theoretical.”


The late, great Tommy Armour, considered one of the greatest teachers of all time said:

"Count Yogi's first book was the greatest book on golf ever written!!"


Here is the direct link to one of the Count Yogi videos on the Count Yogi YouTube Channel: a quick glimpse of his 9-hole lowestscoring, fastest played record accomplished at age 53.




Count Yogi® Archive Radio Interview with Jim Racer, CBS Radio, Los Angeles


Here in this feature you will see fabulous film footage and photos from the Count Yogi® Archives. The Count and his knowledge of the game is an un-discovered American treasure.


I will look forward to demonstrating and answering any question that you might have.


Let us work together and truly fulfill each others destinies!!!


Sincerely yours,


Timothy 'Yogi' Nicholls


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