Get the Count Yogi Orbital Golf Swing!


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The Count Yogi 2-Move Orbital Mechanics
Elliptical Arc

The Handed Down 5-Move hinge and Lever Mechanics Clock Arc


For Private Golfers

Golf is cherished by millions of people all over the world, yet for many it can be difficult and very frustrating.  The game is more simple, healthier, and a lot more ‘FUN’ the Count Yogi® way!


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For Professional Golfers

Are you currently a professional tour player that it is struggling to advance or maintain your peak performance?


Do you have a burning desire to be one of the best tour players in the world?


Play Your Best Golf Ever Now!  Learn what Count Yogi taught Ben Hogan to save his game and career back in 1939-40 from Timothy Nicholls; Count Yogi’s apprentice and protégé.


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More Details

Most all golf instruction today claims simple, injury-free golf with rapid and permanent improvement in all aspects of your game.  Anyone that has spent any reasonable time on either a public or private course or even at a local driving range truly has seen and knows otherwise.  Yet most all claim that they are special or different.  But when examined more closely you discover that they are all pretty much alike; using all the latest technological machines and devices, and teaching the same concepts, ways and theories but with various delivery methods.  Even the world’s top scorers with high degrees of skill and judgment can win one week and then get injured or miss the cut on the next.  Now some might say: “That’s just Golf!?  NO, that’s just knowledge or the lack there of.  Count Yogi’s method and art form is that knowledge!!  When anyone first experiences it, we call it: “The 15 minute miracle!”  That is how long it takes once you make up your mind to change and embrace its simplicity,


The Count Yogi® Golf Schools & Clinics teach individuals and groups at various levels of skill and ability whether it be the professional, amateur, or the beginner.  The “Count Yogi® Health & Golf Method©.” is a time tested and proven ‘art form’.  We are the only school on the planet that can make and back the claim that our founder, who has since passed away, is the only consistent, never off his game player in the history of the world.  His countless scoring records and feats along with his 7,000 perfect shot performances and over 10,000 written testimonials from the top PGA Pros and presidents of yesteryear, along with over 40,000 Newspaper Archives proves this claim.  His knowledge is now available through our schools and clinics.


No other golf school or academy can offer a more superior and effective products, education and services.  Why?  Because of our unique and proprietary method which allows us to provide more effective and lasting knowledge to a student in the shortest amount of time.


How is it Done?

It is accomplished through a more superior and advanced application of “Orbital Mechanics”, Isokinetic, and perfected Neuro-Science.  “NO WEIGHTS OR LIFTING INVOLVED”!!!  The Golf Art ™ has its own health and injury-free physical and mental exercises contained within itself.


The Count Yogi® Health & Golf Method©, “The Golf Art”™ will teach you how to be your own swing coach, short-game and putting coach, mental coach and physical trainer all rolled into one beautiful and intelligent art form!!


Count Yogi believed strongly that if you don’t have a system and “Infallible Mental and Physical Routine” that is as simple as possible; you will struggle the rest of your life, whether it be at golf or any other aspects of life.


Modern golf has not become easier.  In fact, average handicaps have not gone down in decades despite the development of new equipment and the introduction of modern popular physics and bio-mechanics.  The instruction of the game has become over analyzed and over complicated with unnecessary over-analytical mechanics and useless swing thoughts which become mentally paralyzing for the player.


Just as the body knows how to breathe or automatically pump blood when needed through the natural power of neuro-programming of the subconscious mind, through proper training and practice it also can learn how to easily swing, stroke and putt with a golf club to your natural balanced potential.  When that happens effortlessly time after time, your experience and enjoyment of golf has been changed forever.  Count Yogi found and perfected the formula!!!


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Get the Count Yogi Orbital Golf Swing!
Get the Count Yogi Orbital Golf Swing!