Platform to Perfection Golf System®©

"Golf’s Ultimate Self Teaching Tool"


Your physical makeup doesn’t have anything to do with begin able to become a good golfer. Everyone has some physical idiosyncrasy which puts an emphasis on the anatomy only. By learning the concepts illustrated in the PLATFORM TO PERFECTION GOLF SYSTEM®© . Your golf swing will become a simple and reliable and repetitive transfer of power and control, regardless of the club you use, the lie of the ball, or the slop of the ground. Giving any golfer "permanent lower scores"! The special platform mat as described in your "How-To" Instruction Manual will dramatically improve you present swing and your overall game. By practicing with the Platform Kit you will, at last, be able to break those bad habits of swing breakdown that have prevented your golf game advancement and turning your golf round into an ordeal of stress instead of fun.


No longer will you fragment your concentration on swing elements of leg, hip, shoulder or arm movements, coiling the body, keeping your head down, and staying down, your elbows in, your wrists cocked or uncocked, hitting down on the ball, or changing your stance or ball position to accomplish a certain shot.


PLATFORM TO PERFECTION GOLF SYSTEM®© will condense golf’s physical (and spiritual) essentials into a simple, comprehensive, understandable, positive guideline system.


The PLATFORM TO PERFECTION GOLF SYSTEM®© is the ultimate approach to playing golf because it is a system that produces consistent results. The PLATFORM TO PERFECTION GOLF SYSTEM®© truly reveals golf's greatest secrets through a logical systemized approach to the game. The Count himself used and proved this System for over 70 years to help over 21,000 golfers, including many pros and celebrities, to reach their ultimate personal potential.

Finally, through the PLATFORM TO PERFECTION GOLF SYSTEM®© it is now possible to obtain:


  • Longer and Straighter Drives
  • A Consistent Long and Short Game
  • Real Honest Confidence
  • Frustration Free/Fun Golf
  • Permanent Lower Scores


You may be saying to yourself right now, that this is too good to be true. Especially after all the product gimmicks and gadgets that have flooded the market in recent years, and have not really lived up to what they were claimed to do. But very rarely and once in awhile something comes along in life that is truly real and lives up to its claim. The PLATFORM TO PERFECTION GOLF SYSTEM®© is such a thing. Now you may be telling yourself that this must cost more than expensive private lessons, or a set of new golf clubs,$500, $1,000? Wrong!


This Incredible and Revolutionary Self-Teaching Golf System is now being offered at a price to fit all budgets. For the amazing low price of only $189.95 which includes Shipping & Handling.   BUY NOW


Why are we offering something so good for so little? Because we at THE COUNT YOGI® GOLF CO. love, play and enjoy the game so much, that we want everyone else in the world, who touches a golf club, to have and enjoy the same experience. We felt the best way to do that was to offer it at affordable prices for all. Just think, for the price of your average driver, that you may just hit farther into trouble, now you'll personally have the tools and the knowledge to master every club in the bag with greater distance, accuracy and consistency.


And there's more! We offer, from the time of receipt, a 30 day money back guarantee (minus Shipping & Handling), if for any reason you are not completely satisfied and/or your game has not definitely improved, Just send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. We have confidence in this guarantee because thousands of people like you have already achieved their golfing goals.


“Platform To Perfection”®

A ‘Simple Set System’©


“Platform To Perfection”® Includes;


“Platform To Perfection”® Training Mat

“Step By Step Usage Manual”©

“Simple Set System”© DVD


Price:  $189.95 which includes Shipping & Handling




The PLATFORM TO PERFECTION®© is a special teaching and training mat, with various-tee positions and exclusive markings to guide the golfer to the perfect stance, alignment to the intended target and proper distance from the ball for perfect extension through the hitting area.  It also shows the correct club path travel on both the back swing and follow-through.  It is designed to develop your every shot with every club, from the driver to the putter.  You will always zero in on correct swing plane- regardless of the lie: side hill, up hill or sand shot.  The results will always be-your perfect mechanical alignment-without you ever-having to think about it!


This 36” by 24” special mat is far more than meets the eye, it also sets and aligns your body to be able to ‘move’ (swing elliptically) correctly to your intended target, and it also teaches and ingrains the “Infallible Mental Routine”©, which is not only important for your overall game, but is also highly crucial later when learning, perfecting, and keeping your “Mental Art Technique”©.


This is your road-map to the proper usage of the platform and the correct mechanical alignments established in Steps 1, 2, 3, along with the other components in your system kits.


It also teaches and ingrains your “INFALLIBLE MENTAL ROUTINE” of both proper physical movement and mental art technique, both a must know if you ever want to become great or at least confident at playing the game of golf.  It is highly suggested and recommended that you read and study the manual over and over until the set-up steps one through three (1-3) become natural and “UNCONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT!”  Then and only then are you prepared and ready to learn and retain Count Yogi’s “MENTAL ART TECHNIQUE.”

"SIMPLE SET SYSTEM"©, Instructional DVD

This simple set system video teaches the five simple to perfect golf and the proper use of the “Platform To Perfection”®©.  It features Count Yogi using the system to play beautiful long and short shots and putts – even though ill and infirm at the age of 84!

"FIVE SIMPLE STEPS TO PERFECT GOLF"©, Instructional (hardcover) Book

Sold Separately In The Golf Store


This, without doubt, is one of the most powerful books on golf, golfing technique and golf history ever written.  Published originally by ‘Nash Publishers’ and then later by ‘Simon & Schuster’, the book details the Count’s astounding accomplishments and simple way of playing consistent, long lasting, low scoring FUN GOLF!!!  Though he is the most imitated golfer in history, it also outlines the Count’s never ending battle to overcome the traditional thinking and established bureaucracy that, until recently, kept his profound and beneficial knowledge from the world of golf at large.  It has been voted a few times over the years as the “Book of the Month”!

Excerpts from Book:

"Every outstanding golfer in the country today uses, not in its truly pure, original and most powerful form, but parts of Count Yogi's simple Revolutionary System whether they know it or not. This is due to the fact of nearly a century of people reading and witnessing his three books, 7,000 consistent perfect shot shows and over 22,508 pupils taught, pro and amateur all over the world.”



Most intelligent people agreed what Count Yogi believed and always said:

"It is foolish to remain indifferent about this golf game when a correct mental thought alone will give you continued success from the day you start, till the day you die." "Most of you not having access or unlimited time to play will not become a pro, but will IMPROVE steadily in accordance with the amount of devotion you put into it."


Yogi's philosophy was; "Know-How is eternal practice.”  "Perfect yet simple methods aid this practice."

Just listen to what others have accomplished and have to say about the


"The Platform To Perfection Golf System is amazing. I used to have trouble with bad lies. Not any more. The platform works!"

D. Nelson, Chicago IL


"When I take the Platform to the driving range I always attract a crowd. I could have sold it a 1,000 times."

L. Williams, Denver CO


"I've lowered my handicap over 10 strokes!"

G. Wilson, San Diego CA


"Goodbye pain and frustration. You guys truly lived up to your slogan. You did put the fun back in the game for me."

R. Hellyer, Beverly Hills CA

"I can't believe the difference in my game."

D. Hanson, St. Louis MO


"After golf- the easy way, my enjoyment is up, my handicap is down. way down."

B. Casey, Los Angeles CA


"I need to pinch myself. I can't believe it's me playing this kind of golf."

C. Scott, Long Beach CA


"I sure hope the guys at the office miss this one."

W. Taylor, Atlanta GA


You will not find a better product for a better-price, that will improve your golf game anywhere than the



The game of golf was meant- to be pure pleasure. So let's all stop struggling and start winning and achieving, don't delay.





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