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Most all golf instruction today claims simple, injury-free golf with rapid and permanent improvement in all aspects of your game. Anyone that has spent any reasonable time on either a public or private course or even at a local driving range truly has seen and knows otherwise. Yet most all claim that they are special or different. But when examined more closely you discover that they are all pretty much alike; using all the latest technological machines and devices, and teaching the same concepts, ways and theories but with various delivery methods. Even the world’s top scorers with high degrees of skill and judgment can win one week and then get injured or miss the cut on the next. Now some might say: "That’s just Golf!?" NO, that’s just knowledge or the lack there of. Count Yogi’s method and art form is that knowledge!! When anyone first experiences it, we call it: "The 15 minute miracle!" That is how long it takes once you make up your mind to change and embrace its simplicity.

The Count Yogi ® Golf Schools & Clinics teach individuals and groups at various levels of skill and ability whether it be the professional, amateur, or the beginner. The “Count Yogi ® Health & Golf Method ©.” is a time tested and proven ‘art form’. We are the only school on the planet that can make and back the claim that our founder, who has since passed away, is the only consistent, never off his game player in the history of the world. His countless scoring records and feats along with his 7,000 perfect shot performances and over 10,000 written testimonials from the top PGA Pros and presidents of yesteryear, along with over 40,000 Newspaper Archives proves this claim. His knowledge is now available through our schools and clinics.

No other golf school or academy can offer more superior and effective products, education and services for a better price. Why? Because of our unique and proprietary method which allows us to provide more effective and lasting knowledge to a student in a shorter amount of time. Also, we are not financially ‘top heavy’ with unnecessary over-staffing and amenities. This greatly reduces time and cost while also directing more quality time to learning. The Count Yogi ® Health & Golf Method © will teach you how to be your own swing coach, short-game and putting coach, mental coach and physical trainer all rolled into one beautiful and intelligent art form!!

Hey golfer! Just starting out? Feeling a little overwhelmed with all those conflicting tips from the golf channel, or maybe your friends latest swing change that he couldn’t wait to share?

Or maybe you’re the guy or gal who is greatly invested and has been playing for years and still looking for the secret that will give your game injury-free low scoring consistency?

YOGI GOLF ®…… Have you heard of it? If not listen up!

Harry M. Frankenberg (aka Count Yogi) a name given to him by Hollywood ’s elite in the early 50’s. Also known as the “world’s greatest golfer you’ve never heard of” created just what you’re looking for. This information in its entirety has been kept secret since it was last taught to Ben Hogan in the winter of 1939-40. After Yogi’s tender he won his first professional tournament, the "North/South Open" at Pinehurst.

At an early age young Harry had a mystical vision. He was shown the perfect natural swing which later lead him to break numerous scoring records gaining him the respect of some of the games most famous names of the era like Vardon, Evans, Hagen, Jones, Hogan, Snead, Locke, Casper and many others whom he played against and won!! To this day he still holds the world record for the lowest competition score of 55 on a par 74 course to win the 1934 Chicago Open Championship.

In his ‘hey day’ (first in Chicago and later in Los Angeles), Harry owned the largest and most popular indoor/outdoor golfing schools around teaching his powerful yet simple mentally controlled, natural 2 move swing, stroke and putting techniques to thousands of men and women, and showing them how to enjoy his beloved game of golf.

Count Yogi believed strongly that if you don’t have a system and “Infallible Mental Routine” that is as simple as possible, you will struggle the rest of your life, whether it be at golf or any other aspects of life.

Modern golf has not become easier. In fact, average handicaps have not gone down in decades despite the development of new equipment and the introduction of modern popular physics and bio-mechanics. The instruction of the game has become over analyzed and over complicated with unnecessary over-analytical mechanics and useless swing thoughts which become mentally paralyzing for the player. Without mentioning any names, many of the worlds most popular and top players have fallen victim to these introductions. “The Count Yogi ® Health & Golf Method”© can cure them. For more info Click Here!!

Just as the body knows how to breathe or automatically pump blood when needed through the natural power of neuro-programming of the subconscious mind, through proper training and practice it also can learn how to easily swing, stroke and putt with a golf club to your natural balanced potential. When that happens effortlessly time after time, your experience and enjoyment of golf has been changed forever. Count Yogi found and perfected the formula!!!

Hello, I’m Tim Nicholls, Count Yogi’s Apprentice, and your master key to the Count Yogi ® Health & Golf Method © and System. If you have been in an endless search for the solution to your perfect game of golf, like Ponce de Leon in search of the fountain of youth, then I will unlock and present what you have always been looking for!

Chosen as his heir, I was blessed not only to be taught by Yogi the art form of Golf, but most important the mental understanding and precise application to support his art form. After years of his instruction and now as heir to Count Yogi’s material and teachings, I have committed myself to his legacy of teaching his God given system.

Count Yogi ® Golf is being recognized internationally as the ultimate way and access to the most simple, yet powerful and effective method to advance and maintain one’s game. Starting from the beginning lesson of truly understanding the connection of the mind and the body in a natural and rhythmic motion is an integral part of this method.

And “NO, we do not use or believe in using any “video-tracking” or any other visual and over-analytical left-brain devices and machines. Neither do we believe in un-proven theories and teachings of any left-brain bio mechanical concepts and body part anatomies on their given positions!”

Once you are under attendance and begin your training with us we will explain why in more detail. These so called important, must-have Bio-Mechanical training tools and concept theories can potentially ruin your game mentally and physically!! This was proven to be true nearly a century ago. See and read why in more detail from excerpts of Count Yogi’s first historical instruction book on golf from the 1920’s through the 1940’s, now available in an eBook format called: “Revolutionary Golf Made Easy”©. In the Apple/iTunes version of Chapters 5: Section 3; Pages 90 and 91, and Chapter: 6, Sec. 2; Page 102 (in different locations in Kindle and Nook versions). These pages from the book are featured in our free "Past Newsletter Archives" in our September 2015, edition newsletter.

Serious students of the game with high expectations and striving for athletic scholarships and or professional careers, are realizing their goals with the Yogi Golf ® Art Form! Word is spreading, Count Yogi ® Golf is now dedicated to training and graduating accomplished students throughout the world!!

Tournament Players who are currently struggling or who once played at a high level, but due to age, physical limitations or injuries, or over analysis training of mechanics and athletic movement can now find their way back and rediscover and rejuvenated their careers and enjoyment of the game learning the Yogi Golf ® method and art form.

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Parents introducing their young one’s to Yogi Golf ® fined it to be innate in its simplicity and how children naturally and quickly enjoy learning it.

Here are a couple of fun testimonials you can relate to:

“I always wanted my wife to learn golf. I bought her a series of lessons on two separate occasions. She always came back to me with, “it’s too hard”. Tim Nicholls and Yogi Golf ® changed all of that in 5 lessons. She got it, and when we travel, I now have an enthusiastic partner!”

- Jerome Clark
“I am turning 70 years old soon. I thought my best years on the course were behind me. I am not sure how I found my way to Timothy Nicholls last year, but I did. Thank God for Count Yogi and his simple two move swing. By the way, I know my best golf is still in front of me.”

- Bruce Walters

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Unless you learn Count Yogi’s method, you will continue with fits of frustration and short lived starts of success. His amazing method of how to quickly advance your understanding of your entire game …is Now Available!



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