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About Your Yogi Teaching Pro "TIMOTHY NICHOLLS"

Count Yogi’s Godson, Timothy Nicholls, is the only person qualified to teach the advanced Count Yogi golfing method. 

After years of rigorous training from Count Yogi himself, Tim has not only mastered all the intricate details of Yogi’s masterful golfing art form, but is also well informed on his life’s accomplishments and contributions to not just the game of golf, but to history and the world at large.

From Yogi’s hospital bed, the day before he died, he told Tim that he loved him, was proud to have mentored him, and grateful that his golf methods and accomplishments were in such capable hands.

Tim is honored to carry on Count Yogi’s amazing legacy and has dedicated his life to preserving and teaching Yogi’s uniquely powerful and healthy golfing art form and technique.

Timothy "Yogi" Nicholls
Count Yogi’s Heir and Protégé

Timothy Nicholls first met Count Yogi as a young child many years ago. The Count watched and studied Tim for many years until finally deciding to not only choose to teach him his method but to also personally take him under his wing as his sole apprentice to learn, preserve, teach and pass-on his golfing art form.

• After years of understudy, countless hours of golf, and mutual honor and respect, Tim and Yogi eventually formed a father and son relationship that lasted until Yogi’s death in 1990.

• Yogi told Tim from his hospital bed the day before he died that the he loved him and was proud to have known and mentored him and had been able to call him son and friend. He also said that this creator-given gift of how to play golf, that he had been blessed with so many years ago had been delayed but not denied and that it was now

in good hands. He told Tim that he was honorable, dedicated and not gullible to where he would sell out or be changed or swayed in any way that might ruin or pervert the system. Yogi died in peace knowing that, and Tim was honored and dedicated to meet this challenge.

• Being trained and personally mentored by the Master himself, Timothy Nicholls is the only person living right now that truly and completely understands and knows how to properly teach the Count Yogi golfing system in its most advanced stage.

• Despite all this power and knowledge, Tim has never seeked out guru fame and status. But now after so many years have passed he is beginning to realize that he must make himself more available to other teaching pros and tournament players to truly help preserve the method, especially after years of others intelligently copying and imitating Yogi like movements to improve their swings and their students swings, that it was time.

• It was only two to three generations ago when Yogi, then called Frankenberg back in the windy city of Chicago had taught and helped many of golf’s greats to become and achieve their goals and careers, but never, even to this day has Yogi received his due credit for it. Count Yogi is our heritage. He has wrongly become a lost and forgotten American treasure. Lets all that truly love the game help Tim change this!

Our products and private lesson services have been very successful in helping people's health and golf INSTANTLY!
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“About Count Yogi”


Count Yogi ® Health & Golf is dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of its powerful and beneficial golf playing and health techniques worldwide.  The two combined makes playing the game of golf a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for all players at any level.  The revolutionary and time proven Count Yogi ®, Yogi Golf System is truly a method and ‘art form’ in itself, allowing the student to become the ‘player’ they have always wanted to be while achieving mental and physical health at the same time!

The Count Yogi ®, Yogi Golf System and its powerful break-through intelligence is a simple, mental set system that allows anybody at any level of their golfing experience, whether professional, low or mid handicapper, or beginner to instantly become the player of their desires!  You will learn a time proven “infallible mental routine” that shows and teaches you how to utilize properly and simply both sides of the brain at the right time in the right proportion.  “This knowledge can be applied to most all-athletic movements.”

Any player despite age, size or handicap becomes instantly more graceful and confident because the system eliminates awkwardness by promoting a more balanced and better posture.  You begin to be longer and more accurate off the tee with a dramatic and noticeable improvement of the short-game.  All of this becomes a natural evolution with the method.  Professional tournament players learning the Count Yogi ®, Yogi Golf System add longevity to their careers by becoming more confident and relaxed with increased consistency from tee-to-green while also becoming incredible putters! 

The mechanics of the swing are also truly revolutionary compared to most of Golf’s instructional theories.  They are absolutely intelligent and scientifically proven to be superior in all ways over traditional handed down methods.  The reason why is its dependence and usage of the true and far more effective power of ‘FORCE’, along with beautiful and artistic rhythm rather then a direct physical ‘POWER’ effort used and applied from the individual.  “2 Move Elliptic Arc vs. 5 Move Handed Down Clock Arc.”  One could have beautiful rhythm from hitting allot of balls but still at best become a good striker of the ball rather than a ‘true swinger’, a Yogi golfing artist!

In recent years and in the past, others have copied, adopted or incorporated some of the physical-mechanical properties of the Yogi swing and have claimed to have had amazing results.  Just think what it would be like for one to learn and have the complete physical and mental part together!  The whole enchilada so to speak.  This is where the real ‘FUN’ truly begins!!

The Count Yogi ®, Yogi Golf System is truly “Revolutionary” and finally allows the golfer to experience consistent low scoring golf for the level of their desired commitment and skill ability, while eliminating frustration.  This in turn breeds a new and lasting sense of happiness and confidence in the individual.  Once one experiences its benefits and results, they never go back to their old ways.  It just wouldn’t make any sense.

“We Put The Fun Back In The Game”®


Timothy (Yogi) Nicholls, Count Yogi’s Apprentice and Heir

Send mail to sales@countyogigolf.com with questions or comments.

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